The Coordinate Measuring Machine or CMM has been the cornerstone of Wenzel’s Metrology business for more than 4 decades.

Wenzel produces the widest range of 4-axis Gear Inspection Machines in the world, with machine capabilities to measure gears from 280mm to 4,000m (11” to 160”) diameter. To see an extra large gear application, click here.

We offer the traditional 3+1 axis gear checker called WGT, with other sizes and configurations using Wenzel LH Bridge and gantry style CMM frames and the technology from the WGT gear tester. Learn more about our granite story here.

Wenzel Gear Measuring Machines exclusively use Renishaw Probe heads, guaranteeing low cost of ownership and quick delivery. We also offer the best prices on Renishaw Probes and styli in the country.

We offer a complete range of software modules for parallel axis and bevel gear inspection, worms and worm wheels, shafts and gear production tools.

Wenzel America also offers Gear measuring services and we carry an inventory of used Gear measuring machines.

The Gear Measuring Machine range is part of Wenzel’s wide range of metrology equipment, which includes one of the largest ranges of CMM machines in the world.


Whether your interested in new or used CMMs, Gear measurement, OpenDMIS Software, Sensors,
Computed Tomography, Applications, or any other metrological problem, we are at your service.

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