Highest Machine Availability

For our Technical Service, it doesn´t matter whether your coordinate measuring machine is in Sindelfingen, Sydney or Singapore. If it doesn’t work, you can call our service specialists worldwide. Often it is sufficient to repair relevant components and modules. Our service technicians repair your measuring machine quickly, so you can continue your quality control smoothly.

Field Service

Do you need maintenance or a repair? – We have short response times. WENZEL has a worldwide network of experienced service specialists who will help you quickly and professionally!


Is your coordinate measuring machine due for a calibration? Would you like to schedule one in the future? Do you need an ISO 10360 calibration? Email us now.


Operators of measuring systems must always be able to rely on the reliability and accuracy of their systems. Through regular maintenance and exchange of defined wear parts, you can prolong the life of your measuring machine. We inspect your machine, for example, after a long period of downtime or if you are unsure of the condition of your machine and we will determine what’s needed to make your coordinate or gear measuring more efficient.
Service Agreements


It is not always necessary to replace parts. Especially for high quality systems, an economic repair is often possible. We use original spare parts to ensure that your measuring machine will be repaired quickly. We provide our manufacturer’s warranty on the repaired and the used parts.


In the case that your measuring device is rarely used, we offer approvals without maintenance. These include the alignment, adjustments and calibration. It ensures that you always meet the needs of your quality assurance system.


Moving your measuring machine involves a variety of logistical challenges. You will need practical and economical solutions. We can assist you with the disassembly of your machine and the reconstruction at the new location. We ensure the approval and the required measurement accuracy.

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