Software Maintenance Agreements

Software Maintenance Agreements provide a variety of benefits to you as a software user. In some cases, having access to the latest version allows you compatibility with your customer and suppliers, insuring that all of you are on the same page when evaluating measurement results. Additionally, it protects your initial investment by providing you access to the latest version, patches and access to support, whether you are an OpenDMIS user or a Quartis user. Want to renew your SMA now? Contact us here.

What’s included in your SMA?
  • State-of-the-art measuring software
  • All software updates available in current year for your CMM and/or Off-line seat of software
  • Internet based remote support
  • Telephone technical support to help diagnose your machine issues
  • Consultation on basic application issues
  • Support for the installation or re-loading of the software
  • Additional discount on Renishaw Probes, Accessories and Styli (Not RBE)
  • Discount for multiple licenses

OpenDMIS 6.9 (Current Version – Released 16MAY18)

Complex coordinate measuring programs can be created in a few minutes and simulated using powerful collision avoidance tools standard in OpenDMIS™.

Drag & Drop functionality from the database area into the adjacent programming window automatically generates the underlying DMIS code together with the probe and alignment definitions.

To determine what is your dongle’s SMA Subscription date, go from within OpenDMIS to Help>About OpenDMIS.

What’s new?

  • OpenDMIS now supports PMI
  • Native CAD import supports ACIS format
  • For systems with multiple screens, the DMIS Editor and Output Windows can now be docked on the other screen
  • Offline versions can save old versions, and now the menu adds version 6.5
  • Three new Reporting functions
  • Run time statistics can be added to a solution without the need to program the function.

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WM | Quartis R2018-2 (Current Version)

With WM | Quartis, Wenzel introduces a new software generation into the market. WM | Quartis is the first measuring software using the trendsetting Microsoft® Office Fluent™ user interface. WM | Quartis is based on the decade long knowledge of one of the most successful measuring software providers worldwide.

The next release (WM | Quartis R2018-3) is scheduled for March 2019. Of course, existing software maintenance contracts for Metrosoft QUARTIS are valid for WM | Quartis.

What’s new?

WM | Quartis R2018-2 offers a wide range of improvements for all users and significantly contributes to optimize daily metrology work.

WM | Quartis R2018-2 simplifies and improves the operation in the program work window. This allows programs to be edited more efficiently. All in all, you need fewer mouse clicks to get to your destination faster. Working with several programs in parallel is clearer and easier. The split view allows you to see what is being processed before or after the execution of a program.

WM | Quartis R2018-2 offers new fields and functions in the expression editor. With the new fields, you can output information about the WM | Quartis version and the active measurement database in a measurement report. Date/time information can be formatted as required. The EXTRACT string function can be used to extract specific values from a list with separators. In combination with the IncludeText function, values can also be read from a CSV file.

WM | Quartis R2018-2 calculates new elements based on existing elements with mathematical formulas. Elements can now be completely defined by expressions.

WM | Quartis R2018-2 names the elements in components with mould cavities, pins, drilling patterns, etc. descriptive and practical. The automatically proposed element IDs are generated according to a configurable pattern.

WM | Quartis R2018-2 improves the operation in the graphics work window. The measuring sphere is displayed exactly at the actual position, regardless of the configuration. A keyboard shortcut accelerates switching between different graphics tools. Moved info boxes can be reset to their original position in one operation.

WM | Quartis R2018-2 offers, besides the updated CAD interfaces, many additional improvements and extensions. You find more information on the following pages.


Some improvements are not included in the standard product WM | Quartis R2018-2 and require additional, chargeable modules. These are described in the document “Products and Modules WM | Quartis R2018-2”.

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Still using Metrosoft CM, don’t get left behind!

Contact us about upgrading your CM installation to WM | Quartis.  Your Metrosoft CM installation can also be updated to the latest version too, so that you can work parallel with both programs if required.

Please note that Metrosoft CM has not been supported since June 30th 2017.

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