Software Maintenance Agreements

Software Maintenance Agreements provide a variety of benefits to you as a software user. In some cases, having access to the latest version allows you compatibility with your customer and suppliers, insuring that all of you are on the same page when evaluating measurement results. Additionally, it protects your initial investment by providing you access to the latest version, patches and access to support, whether you are an OpenDMIS user or a Quartis user. Want to renew your SMA now? Contact us here.

What’s included in your SMA?
  • State-of-the-art measuring software
  • All software updates available in current year for your CMM and/or Off-line seat of software
  • Internet based remote support
  • Telephone technical support to help diagnose your machine issues
  • Consultation on basic application issues
  • Support for the installation or re-loading of the software
  • Additional discount on Renishaw Probes, Accessories and Styli (Not RBE)
  • Discount for multiple licenses

OpenDMIS 6.8 (Current Version – Released 23OCT17)

Complex coordinate measuring programs can be created in a few minutes and simulated using powerful collision avoidance tools standard in OpenDMIS™.

Drag & Drop functionality from the database area into the adjacent programming window automatically generates the underlying DMIS code together with the probe and alignment definitions.

To determine what is your dongle’s SMA Subscription date, go from within OpenDMIS to Help>About OpenDMIS.

What’s new?

  • 5-Axis implementations
  • Custom environment curation
  • Increased reporting functionality
  • New Search features
  • 70 New Blade improvements
  • PMI Module

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Quartis R16 (Current Version)

With WM | Quartis, Wenzel introduces a new software generation into the market. WM | Quartis is the first measuring software using the trendsetting Microsoft® Office Fluent™ user interface. WM | Quartis is based on the decade long knowledge of one of the most successful measuring software providers worldwide.

Along with the standardization of the product names, the version names will also change. In addition, the 64-bit version now becomes the new standard. Metrosoft QUARTIS R17 (64-bit) becomes WM | Quartis R2018-1. The 32-bit version becomes WM | Quartis 2018-1 (32-bit).

The release WM | Quartis R2018-1 is scheduled for February 2018. The second release WM | Quartis R2018-2 is scheduled for August 2018. Of course, existing software maintenance contracts for Metrosoft QUARTIS are valid for WM | Quartis.

What’s new?

  • Measuring program from list with elements and features (*.csv)
    • Creating automatically a new QUARTIS measuring program
    • Supported inspection plan format
  • Measurement functionalities completed and simplified
    • Scanning cam profile axial (3D curve on cylinder intersection)
    • Simplified manual measuring of borders of metal parts
  • Output of measuring results in DMO format
    • Writing DMO file during execution of QUARTIS measuring program
    • Creating header data (DMO header)
  • More improvements
    • Following CAD interfaces were updated to the newest version:
      • CATIA V5 (R8 to R2017)
      • CATIA V6 (to R2017)
      • Siemens NX (NX1 to NX11)
      • SolidWorks (2003 bis 2017) – 2015 and higher only available in 64-Bit QUARTIS

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