4th Quarter – Leave Everything on the Field


football teamBack in 2004, I was a senior, starting on the football team. We had a tradition that we copied from the University of Miami. That tradition was, at the start of the 4th quarter we would all hold up 4 fingers and shout “fourth quarter!”. This was to remind us that time was almost up and there was nothing to hold back. We would leave everything on the field, own the last quarter and walk to the locker room heroes.

LH with Robot

It’s that time again for all of us. Thanksgiving is coming up and orders need to be finalized. This could mean shipments need to be finished or the last parts in the big order need completing. For others, this time of year brings the need for tax saving equipment acquisitions or spend it or lose it purchases. For salespeople, this time of year is the fun part.


The 4th quarter push is when deals can be made. It’s when customers are willing to talk more openly about their wishes not just line items. It could be the holiday spirit but I think customers are smart; Customers know it’s the end of the year and just like them, us salespeople need to close those last orders. Us salespeople are also more open and willing to make the customer extra happy. ‘Tis the season after all.

With that in mind, I have listed in-stock CMMs below. We can ship these before the year is out if ordered soon.

For more information, call (248) 787-3433 or click the link here.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that all your capital equipment dreams come true the holiday season!

CORE D instock


  • SF 87 ( x2 )
  • XO55
  • LH 87
  • CORE

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