An Interview with Mark Sharples, Quality Manager of Defense Contractor, Ares, Inc.


Who is Ares, Inc?

Ares is an engineering and manufacturing company in Port Clinton, Ohio. We do weapon systems design, development, manufacturing, and testing.

We’ve been in the defense industry since our founding in 1971. We were founded by Eugene Stoner, the inventor of the M16 (aka AR-15) rifle.

Tank with flamesCan you tell us a little about the kind of work Ares does?

Mainly we develop and manufacture a variety of defense systems for the United States and some of our allies. Some projects involve simply providing engineering and design assistance and others are complete manufacturing – from design through the end product.
With almost 50 years of experience in defense we’re relied on for our breadth of expertise and capabilities with the complex designs and demanding materials required in modern defense systems.

Are there types of services you specialize in?

Because of our capabilities, we get involved in a lot of design refinement for customers. For instance, a customer may have a new coating, or manufacturing process that they want to try on a particular component, usually to extend the service life. We have the equipment and the people, to turn these prototypes out quickly, and get them tested. And we can always advise based on our experience, what we think will work best.

What sets Ares apart compared to other defense contractors?

Deep bore drilling, rifling, and honing. Only a handful of companies in the country can do the precision deep bore work we do. We can drill and hone up to 195 inches in a bore. Our customers rely on us for this type of expertise and capability.

What type of inspection and metrology equipment do you use?

inspectionIt runs the gamut, we use bore gages, thread gages and a variety of hand tools for workpiece inspection. We also have a Faro that we can use on larger assemblies or to check setups without moving the piece.
But our primary inspection tool is a CMM running OpenDMIS 3D Scanning software.

Is there anything else that makes Ares unique?

Yes. Our location.

We’re right next to the Camp Perry National Guard Base on Lake Erie. The land we are on was actually used as a working POW farm during World War II.

Because of where we are, we have access to 12,000 meters of range into Lake Erie and 7,000 meters of elevation for testing of any variety of defense and weapons systems. We can also provide onsite munitions storage for customers if required.

About Ares, Inc

ARES, Inc. is a High Technology Engineering and Manufacturing Company engaged in weapon systems design, development, manufacturing and testing. Over more than 43 years they have designed, built and tested everything from small arms to medium and large caliber automatic cannon and artillery systems. Ares is located at 818 Front St., Port Clinton, Ohio 43452. For more information about Ares, Inc. products and services visit their website or email [email protected].