Blades, Gears, and WENZEL!

Core 029

BladesPrevious readers of my blogs know that I have had much interaction in the world of gears. Blades and gears are a big part of WENZEL. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to delve into the world of blades as well, and what a unique component they are. I might go as far as to say they are as unique as gears. Plus we had an #allaboutblades series last year where the WENZEL team did a deep dive of everything blades related.


If you think about it, they are both a component that needs to work together with similar components rotating at high speeds to transmit power. Oftentimes, blades and gears work in conjunction with one another as this video that shows how jet engines work demonstrates. Also, both of them use a unique shape defined by complex mathematical formulae. Minor variations in either of their structures can cause unintended operational consequences like vibration, noise, and diminishing fuel efficiency. Blades, however, often travel at much higher speeds, sometimes faster than the speed of sound at the tip of a blade in a turbo jet engine.


Of course, our blades are measured with our CORE optical CMM. The WENZEL CORE is the best machine to measure turbine blades, medical implants, and any other difficult to measure part with the same distinguished characteristics of blades and knee joints (polished surfaces, sharp edges, tiny features) with 5-axis measurement. The CORE is focused as a production gage to be placed on the manufacturing floor allowing short inspection cycle times and making it the ideal replacement for bespoke production gaging solutions.


Need more reasons why the latest CORE might be your next CMM? It is calibrated like a CMM to the ISO 10360 standard, it uses 0 air, and also has 0 cosine error. With a maximum accuracy of ±4µ and a maximum speed of 750 mm/s, it is the ultimate in flexible 3D inspection solutions for the advanced part measurement process of today’s global manufacturing industries.

If you’d like more information on how to measure your blades quickly and accurately, contact us. We could set up a virtual or in-house demo for you. Also, don’t forget to visit our website at and for the latest product information follow us on LinkedIn. Finally, we will be at the CONTROL Show coming up in May as well as IMTS 2022. We’ll be waiting for you!