New from Wenzel at IMTS

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Wenzel America (Booth 135622 in East Building level 3) are showing three new products at IMTS for the first time in North America. These three products represent each of the company’s three hardware product specialties; Metrology, High speed Optical Scanning and Computed Tomography (CT).

sf 87 cmm

New Shop-floor SF 87 CMM

The new SF 87 coordinate measuring machine is the ideal entry-level unit for any manufacturing environment. Its use of temperature compensation, dirt resistant guides and optional active damping make it ideal for locating alongside cutting and forming machines on the shop floor. It has a measuring volume of 800 x 700 x 700 [mm], which is optimal in relation to its small footprint and has available the full range of Renishaw probing systems as well as Wenzel’s laser and structured light sensor options.  Its ridged cantilever design enables it to have high traversing speeds and acceleration to ensure high productivity and best of all for some, it has a tremendously competitive price performance ratio.

core d high optical cmm

New CORE High Speed Optical CMM

Also, on display in the Wenzel Booth is the latest version of the highly successful Wenzel CORE High-Speed Optical scanning machine that is widely used for measuring polished turbine blades and medical implants. The unique feature of the CORE machine is that despite being an optical system, its unique double-eye spot sensor can measure even highly polished surfaces without the need to coat the parts to dull reflection.  Many optical systems are claimed to be able to scan “shiny” surfaces but the CORE will measure polished or recently machined metal and the surfaces never need to be sprayed.  Features of the new machine include enhanced environmental protection from temperature variation and shop floor dirt as well as a greater capability to integrate with automation. The latest version also makes available a structured light sensor for collecting point clouds in addition to the CORE’s unique double-eye spot sensor.

exact s90 ct machine

New exaCT S90 CT Machine

IMTS sees the North American launch of the exaCT S90 High resolution micro CT machine which will be scanning parts live at the show.  This is the first exaCT S machine to utilize GPU processing power for reconstruction which in combination with state of the art detector allows unprecedented scanning and reconstruction speed.  The ideal size of parts targeted by the exaCT S range from a pin-head to a hockey puck and it is particularly suited to micro-machined and molded medical device parts and implants.

In addition to the Wenzel America booth itself,  Wenzel also has a presence on the Booths of two partner companies on which Wenzel CMM machines with alternative probing systems will be on display:

Renishaw.                 Booth 135509

LH 10.16.8 with REVO

Metrologic.               Booth 135653

XO55 with PH20

For more information: Ph: +1 (248) 295-4300