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Wenzel America and 1Source Metrology formed a partnership to sell Wenzel CMMs in Canada. This partnership has been very successful and has helped 1Source Metrology to believe they can meet the sales targets they set for themselves this year. In fact, 1Source Metrology has been so well received that they are actually on pace to exceed those goals!

You may ask yourself, who is 1Source Metrology. From their web page, “1Source Metrology is the result of combining roughly 75 years of metrology experience under 1 roof.  Each 1Source team member brings with them a unique background and skill set, enabling 1Source to deliver a tailor made solution just for you.  Whether it’s CMM Programming, Training, New Equipment or Upgrades/Retrofits, Data Collection Solutions, CMM/Optical Fixturing, CMM or Machine Tool Probes and accessories, 1Source has you covered.  Contact us today and POWER UP your process!

Bill Reilly Don Mahon Ray XingI recently spoke to Don, (middle picture, Bill is on his left, and Ray is on his right).

Q: Hello Don, nice to talk to you again. Let us start off with an easy question. What would you say are three characteristics of 1Source Metrology?

Don: We have a good reputation from our previous experiences with our existing customers, over the years because of this reputation we have built a great deal of trust with those customers, each one of us and finally when talking about representing a CMM to provide for those customers, Wenzel is a good CMM that is priced right and they are very flexible.

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Q: Besides representing Wenzel CMMs, what other products and services do you offer?

Don: We offer everything to our customers so they can get there metrology jobs done. For example, we offer CMM Software training on a variety of systems. As well as the metrology software, we offer GD&T training. We also will partner with our customers to provide measurement system consulting. For example, maybe a new CMM is not the right answer for our customer, we may then recommend a retrofit and provide a turnkey solution to the hardware retrofit and the associated part programming that would go along with that retrofit.cmts

Q. Please talk about CMTS.

Don: Yes, that is a great topic. I have been there four other times at my previous position, so it is a great opportunity to see all of the manufacturing products in one setting. CMTS is a great opportunity for 1Source Metrology to meet Canada! We get a forum to tell customers who we are and that we can provide an alternative aolution to the OEM solutions that exist today. We are going to have a large booth with 2 Wenzel CMMs, as well as three working business partners.

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I would consider CMTS a success for us if people showed an interest in what we offer and we increased the knowledge of our presence. It would be WILDLY successful if people were so interested that they wanted to get quotes, or more information about the services we provide and/or the show lead to a sale of a CMM.

Q. It looks like you are based out of Ontario, near Kitchner, is that primarily where you will be focused?

Don: No, not at all. With the large customer base Bill, Ray and I have, we provide support and services across ALL of Canada, not just locally.

Q: Why do you think 1Source Metrology will be successful?

Don: Well, with the three of us combining together we are 6x stronger. We all have different disciplines, skills, and capabilities. We have strong application backgrounds and this allows us to help solve our customers problems. The common things are customer liked about the three of us is that we put the customers first, responded quickly to their issues. Their issues became important for us, so we felt a personal sense of ownership in helping them solve there issues. Just to re-iterate, we make the customers priorities our priorities. At the end of the day, the customer wants someone to help solve there problems and issues.

Q: I have to ask, you said 6x stronger, what does that mean?

Don: Most customers have more than one piece of metrology equipment in their lab. Maybe 2-3 different brands of CMMs. 1Source Metrology can address all of those questions. Programming on Mitutoyo, Zeiss or Wenzel check. Need to consider surface roughness, check. How do I hold the parts, check. My lead programmer just went on sick leave and I have a big project coming up? On site part programming, check. Small shop with a new customer with increased GD&T demands, GD&T training provider, check. New hire needs to be training on how to operate and program the CMM? CMM software training provider, check. New statistical demands by an end customer, we have a solution for that, check.

Q: Last question, why do your customers keep coming back?

Don: Many customers have priorities that the OEM just cannot react to quickly enough. They want the best service at a reasonable cost. When traditional providers could not meet these requirements, that is where we have provided those solutions. The customer wants to have their issue treated with the right priority and solved, no matter what it takes. With Bill, Ray and I, we can provide the knowledge, experience and customer relationship to make this happen.

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You can contact Wenzel here or 1Source here. Come visit us @ CMTS Booth 3507!