One Probe to Rule Them all

middle earth

one ring to rule them all….Well, or maybe not. Unlike our friends in Middle Earth, there is no metrology or CMM solution to ‘rule them all” for every customer’s different requirements, and that’s a good thing! Imagine if you were forced to measure turbine blades with high throughput and accuracy requirements using a fixed-axis scanning probe instead of a CORE Machine or REVO?

Or what if small-businesses budgeted for a REVO system when they only required a simple touch trigger inspection on their open toleranced castings? It’s clear that being able to provide multiple solutions for any given situation is critical to success. Luckily, that principle is exactly the foundation that Wenzel has been built on. So let’s take a look at the three top options for probing on your Wenzel CMM.


The PH20 is a great 5-axis probing option for customers who are concerned about high accuracy, throughput and cost. The PH20 uses head motion technology that minimise errors found in traditional touch-trigger machines that require moving all three CMM axis to take points. Throughput is increased with features such as inferred calibration and infinite 5-axis positioning which removes the need for time spent indexing the head.

PH10 with SP25ph10

The PH10 head is a utilitarian motorized probe head that provides the base for multiple configurations of probe modules, touch trigger, scanning, and even our Wenzel Shapetracer 2 or Phoenix heads. The PH10/SP25 probe configuration enables scanning capabilities for your CMM. Using 5 different available modules, the SP25 is a 2 in 1 system for scanning and touch trigger point collection. Why scan you ask? Scanning a prismatic feature quickly provides the most information (points) for form and profile data. More data collected equals more confidence in your measurements to validate your process.


The REVO probing system is a multi-sensor 5-axis measurement system. Multiple probe modules,(even including Surface Finish and a vision system) combine with the Renishaw UCCS5 controller to provide an inspection system unlike any other. It’s uniquely synchronized 5-axis technology combines the 2-axis head movements with the CMM frames’ XYZ axis movements to minimize the effects of CMM motion at high measurement speeds – the REVO head handles the fast motions, while the stable granite frame moves in a slow and controlled fashion.

Throughput is greatly increased through calibration procedures and the utilization of 5-axis inspection programming. In some cases we’ve seen traditional 3-axis touch trigger inspection times reduced from over an hour – to minutes. A great addition to any Wenzel CMM, the REVO probing system is a must have for engine blocks or complex housings, blade inspection, or anyone looking to increase their quality department throughput.

Want to see videos of these probeheads in action? For more information on Wenzel CMMs and the various probing configurations, visit our website or contact us here.