Renishaw and WENZEL Present joint shop floor solutions

Heike Renishaw
renishaw and wenzel present joint shop floor

Renishaw, a leader in industrial metrology, medical technology and additive manufacturing (3D metal printing) sectors and the Wenzel Group, a leading manufacturer of innovative measurement technology solutions for coordinate measurement technology, are strengthening their cooperation with regard to shop floor and coordinate measuring technology solutions.

Renishaw’s Equator gauging system will soon be controllable with Wenzel’s well-known software WM | Quartis for programming and evaluation purposes. This comes as part of the cooperation between the two companies and will be incorporated into the Wenzel portfolio. The Equator Gauging system is now part of the Wenzel portfolio.

“Several thousand Equator test units are already in use throughout the world and they enable extremely high repeatability accuracy and thermally robust process monitoring on the shop floor,” says Rainer Lotz, Vice President EMEA of Renishaw. “The direct connection to the Wenzel software is an import extension of our solutions for users within the shop floor area.”

machine that updates tool offset

“Workpiece data recorded with the Equator is used for automatically updating the tool offset of the respective machine tool,” explains Renishaw Product Manager Bastian Luithardt. “The Equator concept, which enables flexible and newly programmable measurements, is optimal for use in an automated environment. The result is a stable manufacturing process and continuous documentation for every workpiece.”

At the same time, Wenzel is launching another compact portal measurement machine for direct production use with the SF 55. Like the bigger SF 87, this machine concept offers great value for money and requires little space. High travel speeds and acceleration ensure high measurement throughput. The coordinate measurement machine’s corrosion-free guideways are made of high-precision hand-finished granite. The guideways are completely covered and protected against contamination. The controller and PC are integrated in the machine for a minimal footprint.


The SF55 has passive vibration damping and can be equipped with active vibration isolation. Due to the good accessibility and interface on the ‘Wenzel automation interface’, the shop floor measurement system is well suited for automation and integration into the line.

“After the success of our coordinate measuring machine SF 87 for the shop floor, the more compact SF 55 is the logical response to the market requirements of the shop floor,” says Dr. Heike Wenzel, Managing Director of the Wenzel Group. She continues to say that “both user-friendly concepts, SF from Wenzel and Equator from Renishaw, cover very different application areas within the shop floor sector and perfectly complement each other. We are therefore able to offer further turnkey solutions in addition to the hardware, which make us a flexible partner for our clients.”

In addition to extending their product range Wenzel and Renishaw will also continue their joint development of the REVO 5-axis measurement system. The combination of Wenzel high-performance coordinate measurement systems with the revolutionary REVO multi-sensor 5-axis measurement system from Renishaw obtains much shorter throughput times compared to conventional solutions and offers excellent measurement flexibility without loss of accuracy.

As already stated, there have been many improvements for customers in all our all measurement solutions, especially on the software side. The convergence of different software applications saves license costs and users can easily perform different tasks with common software. This saves training and makes operation easier. In addition, WENZEL has recognized the trend that measurement programs no longer have to be generated individually but can be automatically generated based on the information in the CAD model. The first “proof of concept” of the WM | Generator software (Fig. 9) was started successfully and the first iteration can be seen already at Control 2019, with the added ulterior motive of recieving valuable feedback from specialists in the field.

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