Sales Superhero!

mike sales

There are many things to worry about as a sales manager. The easiest way to make things run smoothly is to have a good sales representative that believes in your products. I am fortunate that my sales representative from Ohio Gage works very hard to promote Wenzel.


Mike Bingham owner of Ohio Gage has been a Wenzel partner since 2001. In those 16 years Mike has steadily expanded the types of products he has expertise in.

Ohio Gage now represents new and used CMM’s, computed tomography systems and gear inspection machines in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.
Ohio Gage was hired by Wenzel to sell retrofits using a Wenzel controller and OpenDmis software. With Mike’s typical get-it-done attitude, he put a small retrofitted Cordax CMM in the back of his van and drove all over the Midwest. In his first year, he sold 100 retrofits, catapulting him to a spot at the annual Wenzel sales meeting in Germany.

When I asked Mike what he like to sell most he replied, “everything.” He continued, “Every customer big or small is the same regardless of the product they are looking to purchase. The quality business is built on relationships and reputation, not price and sales numbers.”

For 2017, Mike expects sales growth in aerospace and gear inspection. The growth in aerospace will be driven by the new accuracy specs of Wenzel’s LH brand CMM that will start at sub-micron. For gear metrology, the new application support and service team dedicated to Wenzel’s gear customers will offer a direct path for service and custom projects.

Ohio Gage has been successful because of three things.

  • The first is quality. Mike said, “You can’t stand behind a product unless it has superior quality and Wenzel products are the best in the world!”
  • The second is reliability. Mike continued, “The customer deserves respect, that’s why your products need to be reliable, but that’s not all. Your sales process can never fail and you, the salesperson, must above all else be reliable. The customer is relying on you to help them make a very large purchase. You can never break that trust.”
  • The third reason for Ohio Gage’s success is value. “You must provide the customer a product that is a long-term investment that has a low cost of ownership. Wenzel products are stable over time and require little maintenance. The software SMA costs are some of the lowest in the industry, and Wenzel offers these benefits over a wide product range.” Mike said.

I want to thank Ohio Gage for their enthusiasm toward Wenzel, and for all the effort Mike puts into his sales process. He truly sees all customers as equals in a family, A Wenzel Family.

mike sales