Solidworks World 2018 – Cross-Training at Work

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Last month, we talked about cross-training and it’s importance in an athlete’s life, we thought about how it might apply to your daily life, and asked how it could impact your work life. Over the next few months, we are going to continue this theme and look at other examples of how cross-training could affect your workflow, and ways that Wenzel America is applying these principles for our own teams….

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“Gain insight into specific topics or solutions ranging from design to manufacturing, 3D CAD and simulation, electrical design and schematics, communications, collaboration, and data management.

There is no better place to learn new skills, play with new technology, work with new ideas, connect with fellow engineers and ignite your passion for building great designs, than at the 3D design event of the year.” – Solidworks World 2018, February 4 – 7, Los Angeles, CA.

In February, Wenzel America will be sending a team to the Solidworks World 2018 conference in Los Angeles, California. As well as exhibiting at the show, our sales and applications teams will experience a hands-on look at technologies that are influencing and driving change in and around our industry, growing our understanding of what tools, methods and technologies design and manufacturing teams are using long before a part hit the inspection lab.

solidworks productWenzel has also been given the opportunity to be involved in the Solidworks “Shop Floor” product showcase. This product showcase (Booth 133) will recreate a typical manufacturing environment for the production and inspection of an automotive gear shift arm. The demonstrations will include the design in Solidworks 2018, component production, inspection program creation, and tactile and non-tactile measurement.

Working alongside Origin International to demonstrate inspection procedures in the shop floor environment. Origin International’s flagship software ‘CheckMate for Solidworks’ will be used to generate an inspection program, taking full advantage of Model Based Definition. The CMM program will be seamlessly imported into Wenzel’s OpenDMIS Metrology software, and the part inspected on our XO77 machine, equipped with the Renishaw PH10/SP25 probing system.

Origin and Wenzel have worked closely together with great success, with our customers utilizing the Origin PC-DMIS to OpenDMIS translation software to move away from legacy CMM’s to Wenzel systems. We are excited to be involved in this showcase, and work with another one of their software products.

solidworks convention center

If you’re attending Solidworks World 2018. Be sure to stop by the Shop Floor (Product Showcase 2, Booth 133), and Wenzel America’s own booth #337. Our staff, and the team at Origin will be more than happy to discuss how these tools can improve your inspection process. See you there!

Stuart Nichols

Applications Manager

[email protected]