Software Maintenance Agreements

Software Maintenance Agreements provide a variety of benefits to you as a software user. In some cases, having access to the latest version allows you compatibility with your customer and suppliers, insuring that all of you are on the same page when evaluating measurement results. Additionally, it protects your initial investment by providing you access to the latest version, patches and access to support, whether you are an OpenDMIS user or a Quartis user. Want to renew your SMA now? Contact us here.

What’s included in your SMA?
  • State-of-the-art measuring software
  • All software updates available in current year for your CMM and/or Off-line seat of software
  • Internet based remote support
  • Telephone technical support to help diagnose your machine issues
  • Consultation on basic application issues
  • Support for the installation or re-loading of the software
  • Additional discount on Renishaw Probes, Accessories and Styli (Not RBE)
  • Discount for multiple licenses

OpenDMIS 6.9 (Current Version – Released 16MAY18)

Complex coordinate measuring programs can be created in a few minutes and simulated using powerful collision avoidance tools standard in OpenDMIS™.

Drag & Drop functionality from the database area into the adjacent programming window automatically generates the underlying DMIS code together with the probe and alignment definitions.

To determine what is your dongle’s SMA Subscription date, go from within OpenDMIS to Help>About OpenDMIS.

What’s new?

  • OpenDMIS now supports PMI
  • Native CAD import supports ACIS format
  • For systems with multiple screens, the DMIS Editor and Output Windows can now be docked on the other screen
  • Offline versions can save old versions, and now the menu adds version 6.5
  • Three new Reporting functions
  • Run time statistics can be added to a solution without the need to program the function.

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WM | Quartis R2018-1 (Current Version)

With WM | Quartis, Wenzel introduces a new software generation into the market. WM | Quartis is the first measuring software using the trendsetting Microsoft® Office Fluent™ user interface. WM | Quartis is based on the decade long knowledge of one of the most successful measuring software providers worldwide.

The next release (WM | Quartis R2018-2) is scheduled for August 2018. Of course, existing software maintenance contracts for Metrosoft QUARTIS are valid for WM | Quartis.

What’s new?

      • Evaluate two-point size, envelope requirement and cam profile
        • Evaluation of circle and cylinder diameter with different calculation methods
        • Evaluate circle and cylinder diameter as Two-point size (LP)
        • Evaluate circle and cylinder diameter with Envelope requirement (E)
        • Applying align / bestfit and line profile tolerance on cam profiles
      • Automatic program generation and further improvements
        • Generate measuring program automatically from BMWIpp inspection plan
        • Record decimal places, report language and other parameters
      • Following CAD interfaces were updated to the newest version:
        – Pro/ENGINEER, Creo (16 to Creo4.0)
      • You want to write efficient measuring programs to measure a series of clamped workpieces with as few, time-consuming probe system changes or swivels as possible. The new function “Change measurement” helps you to program with loops. This function allows the active measurement to be increased or decreased by a certain value. The “Execute program” icon clearly indicates whether a program is being executed with parameter modification. Instead of the normal Execute icon, the corresponding parameter modification icon is displayed.
      • You are working on WENZEL measuring machines and want to measure gears. The rotary table as positioning axis can now also be used with the WENZEL WMC controller.
      • The new FARO USB measuring arms QUANTUM S and M can be used. This requires the new FARO USB FaroArm driver version
      • The Renishaw REVO and REVO-2 heads have different angular ranges in the A axis. This is taken into account in the configuration, which eliminates the need for manual adjustment.
      • You want to see at any time which database you are currently working in. The file path of the currently opened measurement database is now also displayed in the title bar of WM | Quartis.
      • More WENZEL machine models and dimensions can be configured for display in 3D graphics.
        Following machine models were added:
        – WENZEL LH (3G) 1210 (1600, 2500, 3000)
      • You create individual reports with graphics and tables. Editing graphical views with many data boxes has been simplified. In addition to double-clicking, “Edit…” can now also be
        activated via the context menu (right mouse button).
      • When exporting Q-DAS, the fields K2092 (characteristic text, type of characteristic) and K2095 (element code, element ID) are automatically filled with the corresponding content and output.
      • The automation interface has been extended with additional event messages:
        – Event «Dialogue closed»
        – Events «Quartis started», «Quartis closed», «Quartis disappeared»
        – Event «Quick selection code entered»
        Das SDK for the MQTT automation interface can be obtained from WENZEL Metromec if required.
      • You want to see in the system database when which reference sphere was calibrated. This information is now displayed in a column called “Date/Time”.

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Still using Metrosoft CM, don’t get left behind!

Benef t from our special promotion “WM | Quartis – the future DNA” until June 30th 2018 and get the latest version of our measuring software WM I Quartis. Your Metrosoft CM installation will also be updated to the latest version too, so that you can work parallel with both programs if required.

Please note that Metrosoft CM will no longer be supported after June 30th 2017.

If you do you will get an additional discount and you will prof t immediately from useful functions and improvements with every release. Be always “state-of-the-art”. We will be pleased to advise you in all aspects and send you our price information to upgrade to WM | Quartis!
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