In medical manufacturing, accuracy and precision are vital. That’s why WENZEL has developed high-precision, high-speed in-line and at-line medical metrology systems. Our solutions help medical device manufacturers employ best practices while meeting any production need.

The Importance of Quality Control in Medical Manufacturing

In the manufacturing of medical devices, there is no room for error; one minor defect in a product is a health risk. Manufacturers must machine medical devices to exacting tolerances while adhering to strict standards for hygiene, safety, and performance.

Without medical metrology systems, staying compliant can be challenging. That’s why you need an end-to-end solution that ensures both compliance and high precision.

WENZEL’s Medical Metrology Solutions

WENZEL carries a wide array of 3D coordinate measuring machines and non-contact measurement devices that you can integrate into your medical device quality assurance, quality control, and risk analysis processes.

For medical device inspections, we recommend our CORE optical CMM, which can perform complex dimensional inspections on all types of surfaces.

Orthopedic device being scanned for quality control

CORE’s Capabilities

Our CORE CMM helps medical device manufacturers overcome some of the biggest production challenges, including maintaining high repeatability, staying compliant with regulatory requirements, keeping up with the ever-changing industry standards, ensuring the safety of those using the medical devices, and meeting high consumer demands.

The CORE has many capabilities, including:

Unaltered Medical Inspections

To prevent infections, skin irritation, and other health risks, most medical devices are required to have smooth, mirror finishes. Measuring these shiny, polished surfaces often poses challenges for manufacturers that are using older 3D scanning technology; some manufacturers may even have to spray or paint their medical devices during the initial QC inspection.

Our CORE CMM features both tactile and optical sensors, which makes it possible to measure shot peened, lacquered, polished, and matte surfaces without altering your medical device.

ISO Calibrations

Any defect in a medical device, no matter how minor, isn’t just a quality issue—it’s a health risk. To ensure precision, you can calibrate the CORE to various standards, including ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. Additionally, WENZEL provides ISO 10360 calibrations on all CMMs we manufacture, including the CORE; this calibration service isn’t offered by every CMM manufacturer, but it is vital to ensure that your CMM continues to work optimally.

High-Speed Scanning

Reduce lead time with help from WENZEL. Our CORE CMM can scan up to 400 millimeters per second while maintaining a high level of accuracy. It also operates on six axes, making it possible to easily scan components (up to 2 meters) with complex geometries without re-clamping or re-positioning the component. Additionally, because the CORE is designed with a hybrid sensor, you can rapidly switch between tactile and optical measurements.

Easy Integration

You can also easily integrate the CORE into your existing automation system. As an all-in-one system, the controller and computer are integrated into the CORE itself, and the CORE is portable.

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