Bridge Machines

For faster and more precise measurements, our Bridge CMM machines deliver measurement results with high accuracy. These machines are extremely important for our manufacturers that demand top quality assurance. Our Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machines have a precise probe system that’s matching along with their extreme high measuring speed. A variety of systems can also be tailored directly to your specific requirements.

The extensive range of solutions that these precise machines have to offer are just what our manufacturers need to match the quality standards set forth by various industries. If you’re looking for accuracy, supreme automation and unmatched repeatability, look no further than our high-quality Bridge CMMs.

XO Coordinate Measuring Machine

XOrbit CMM

An entry level, top-quality version of our CMMs. This machine brings the renowned stability of a granite CMM to the entry level market, in a variety of sizes and configurations.

LH Compact Coordinate Measuring Machine

LH Compact CMM

The precision you require in a compact sized machine. Whether you need an entry level machine or a machine with greater emphasis on performance—our products will exceed your expectations.

LH Large Coordinate Measuring Machine

LH Large CMM

The Large LH CMM is the latest in high-performance Bridge style CMMs. The Large LH CMM combines the legacy of the LH CMM with a modern look, as well as the latest in sensor technology.

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