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Call Support: (248) 295-4300

Even if you do not have a current SMA, or your products were not purchased from us, our service team will do everything possible to help. Our experts can assist with the following:

  • First point of contact for all support issues
  • Direct and personal contact
  • Telephone consultation
  • Error analysis
  • Technical support and assistance
  • Initiation of further measures
  • Agreement on deadlines

Many questions can readily be solved by phone. For this purpose, we have the WENZEL Online Service (WOS). The WOS is our Internet-based remote diagnosis and remote maintenance service. This service is free during the warranty period of your CMM and includes the online application support and service support. When you extend your SMA, this service is included for free in the SMA program as well. In some cases, it can be used to conduct training. Our online support services reduces the reaction times and downtimes in case of failure significantly and saves you money when it comes to travel costs.


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