Gantry Machines

We create quality, high-performance Gantry and traveling Bridge CMMs, for our manufacturers who produce large or extra-large parts. These machines are made from state-of-the-art materials, capable of extreme accuracy and have an extremely stable structure. Our Gantry CMMs achieve top performance initiatives whether they’re working on the production floor or in a measuring room.

The Gantry style is ideally suited for high accuracy applications that require high throughput. These machines can be equipped with REVO 5-axis scanning, 3-axis scanning or touch trigger systems. All of our Gantry measuring machines are built on a foundation of granite in order to start with the most mechanically accurate base as possible.

LH Gantry Coordinate Measuring Machine

LH Gantry

LH Gantry combines the accuracy of a Bridge CMM with top coordinate measuring volume. These machines are ideal for large, heavy, tight tolerance machined parts and tooling.

LHF Gantry Coordinate Measuring Machine


A traveling Bridge CMM designed specifically for the most challenging work pieces. Ideal for inspection of maritime powertrain, aerospace frames and landing gear.

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