LH Gantry CMM

LH Gantry

LH Gantry combines the accuracy of a Bridge CMM with top coordinate measuring volume. These machines are ideal for large, heavy, tight tolerance machined parts and tooling.

Combining Accuracy with Measuring Volume

Our LH Gantry CMM is a unique machine that closes the gap between traditional Bridge CMMs, and the larger measuring volume Gantry CMMs. LH Gantry systems combine the accuracy of a Bridge CMM, with the coordinate measuring volume of a Gantry type system. Applications for the LH Gantry CMM typically are large, heavy, tight tolerance machined parts and tooling such as engine casings, power transmission gears, stamping dies and injection molds.

Features/Benefits of the LH Gantry

  • Choose the accuracy that fits your needs: standard, premium or premium select.
  • Renishaw Probing Systems let you add sensor technology as your needs change and grow.
  • Powerful software tools allow you to turn your results into highly visual and dynamic reports including rich graphical plots, CAD overlays and SPC for process control.
  • A robust combination of a high accuracy frame, flexible measuring volume, world class sensor technology to meet the demands of large part manufacturing.

All of our measuring machines are built on a foundation of granite in order to start with the most mechanically accurate base as possible. No matter what type of CMM your quality processes call for, our company always starts with the ideal material for measuring machines—granite.

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