WENZEL® is proud to offer high-quality metrology systems for automotive manufacturers. Our coordinate measuring machines (CMM) can help you increase the speed, accuracy, and repeatability of your production process, to help you meet the challenges of today’s manufacturing environment, such as increasing quality assurance guidelines, high production demands, etc.

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Automotive Quality Control

WENZEL knows how important quality is to our automotive manufacturer customers. Especially when producing vehicle components, the safety of the consumer is top of mind. Components are produced to exact measurements, and CMMs can help ensure that you are achieving the level of quality required.

An automotive metrology system can help you accurately measure components both large and small, and reverse engineer parts for quality control. WENZEL’s products and services will not only help you meet production requirements but also help you ensure quality every step of the way.

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WENZEL’s Automotive Capabilities

Whether you need a CMM for automotive gear inspections, reverse engineering, or mold tooling, WENZEL offers a wide array of scalable solutions, including computed tomography and high-speed optical scanning, as well as bridge, gantry, and horizontal arm coordinate measuring machines. WENZEL has been supporting the automotive industry since 1968 and our customers have relied on us to not only ensure quality measurement but also innovative solutions as technology advances over the years. Read below to learn more about our full range of capabilities.

Engine component being measured by WENZEL CMM

Shop Floor Inspection

WENZEL carries the following shop-floor measuring machines, which can be customized based on your unique needs:

  • SF 1210
  • SF 87
  • SF 55
  • WM/MMA Series

Some of the features include tactile, optical, or multi-sensor systems, extended temperature ranges, and 3- or 5-axis capabilities.

Turbine Blade Inspection

Ensure quality when manufacturing turbochargers by implementing our REVO system into your metrology system.  For individual blades, the CORE would be a fantastic solution, especially for high-speed scans regardless of finish with no part preparation or spraying needed.

  • Shop floor, close to production: small footprint, protection from environment and built for automation.
  • Flexibility to get you the solution YOU need: range of sensors and configurations and internal blade reporting or export in many formats.
Car panel being scanned on the shop floor

Sheet Metal Inspection

WENZEL’s horizontal CMM is capable of accurately measuring large volume parts like sheet metal, structural components, chassis components, Body in White and sub-assemblies etc. Our R-series model can be side-, top-, or floor-mounted and integrated with Renishaw probe systems, WENZEL’s optical sensors, SHAPETRACER technology, and WM | LS 70. Additionally, we can customize the accuracy level based on your production needs.

Powertrain Components

During the production of powertrain components, we recommend using any of our variety of CMMs The LH is the workhorse you need for optimal productivity.

As previously mentioned, our LH series can be customized to include 3- or 5-axis scanning systems, as well as optical sensors. The Y-axis can also be configured to measure longer, more complicated sizes.

When it comes to gears there is nothing that beats the robust and efficient GT series with its excellent accessibility and small footprint. No matter the size of your part, our GT series will provide a workpiece diameter that suits your needs. Our GT series can be modified to include tactile scanning sensors and optical sensor technology. If you’re not sure which type of CMM is best for your facility, contact us today to request a demo or consultation.

Car under a :HF bridge

Large-Scale Measurement

For our automotive manufacturer customers, we know that performing large-scale measurements is a necessary step during their production process. The inherently stable, homogeneous unit with integrated active vibration damping is our gantry CMMs that are designed for manufacturers in the automotive industry, as well as other sectors with large parts.

The two models we carry include the LH Gantry and the LHF. The LHF with its wide measuring range and excellent accessibility was designed for high-precision measurement of large volume, complex parts.

Mold Tooling

Before you manufacture production parts, ensure quality from the very beginning by implementing a CMM during the prototype molding process. Our machines can help you identify any geometrical inaccuracies, which will help you reduce shrinkage, warpage, and other defects during the production process.

Tool being measured by WENZEL LH

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Other parts and components can also be measured with our CMMs and although our focus is Aerospace, Automotive and Medical devices we have many customers in all sectors that use our CMMs to ensure they deliver high quality parts.

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