Horizontal Arm

Horizontal Arm CMMs

We carry a comprehensive range of Horizontal Arm Coordinate Measuring Machines in many configurations and accuracy levels. Whether you need side, top or floor-mounted Horizontal Arms, we have the application to suit a number of needs. All of our solutions are high-quality and top mechanical bearing.

Our Horizontal Arm CMMs provide critical access to measuring. All of our machines can be fully integrated with leading scanning technology to further your productivity and enhance your overall throughout. Horizontal Arm CMMs are critical tools to have for measuring a variety of different tools. Our CMM arm systems are suitable for measuring large volume parts and even the most simple of parts. The versatility of these machines cannot be matched.

R-Series Coordinate Measuring Machine


The RS is a good-value, mechanical bearing, Horizontal Arm CMM, side mounted onto an inherently stable base plate. This system generally does not need a foundation so can be easily installed into an existing room.

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