Shop Floor

Shop Floor Measuring Machines

Modern manufacturing often requires inline or nearline inspection solutions. Our SF line of CMMs can be easily adapted to meet a variety of challenges right where it matters on the shop floor. Equipped with tactile, optical or multi-sensor systems, measure and control the scanning and testing devices our shop floor measuring machines are designed for different requirements and products.

Our shop floor measuring machines combined with high speed scanning systems can not only scan medical devices, but also sweeping rotor blades with either 3- or 5-axis capability. Quality shop floor measuring machines should also be able to be used in connection with automation and have extended temperature ranges.

SF-55 Shop Floor

SF 55

The SF 55 is a CNC Bridge measuring device for use in a production environment and can be equipped with both tactile and optical sensors. The corrosion-free guides of the machine are made of granite and hand lapped with high precision.

SF-87 Shop Floor

SF 87

The new SF 87 Coordinate Measuring Machine is the universal measuring machine for the production environment. The SF 87 requires little floor space and is ideal for a large part of the metal cutting and forming industry.

SF 1210

SF 1210

The new coordinate measuring machine SF 1210 is WENZEL’s answer to the trend to bring metrology closer to production. The SF 1210 offers a large measuring volume of 1200 x 1500 x 1000 mm.

MMA Series Shop Floor

WM | MMA Series Mobile 7-Axis

By combining a portable 7-axis measuring arm with a high-resolution line scanner, which captures every detail contact-free, the measuring arms represent a useful complement to your established classical coordinate measuring systems.

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