WENZEL is a member of AUKOM. AUKOM association promotes basic training in the field of industrial production metrology, in particular coordinate measuring. AUKOM ensures the standards and comparability of the courses offered by the members in the context of coordinate metrology training.

What’s Covered in AUKOM Stage 1:

  1. Units
  2. Coordinate Systems
  3. Coordinate Measuring Machines
  4. Sensors
  5. Basic definitions
  6. Dimensional Tolerance
  7. Geometric elements
  8. Geometric constructions
  9. Preparing a Measurement on the Coordinate Measuring Machine
  10. Stylus Selection and Qualification
  11. Measuring using Coordinate Measuring Machines
  12. Evaluation of Measurement and Statistics
  13. Inspection planning
  14. Documentation and Quality Management
For more information click on this link. The next AUKOM Level 1 training starts on May 6! Early Bird Pricing is currently open, register today: [email protected]

WM | Quartis

We’re dedicated to giving you the training you need to be successful. To commit to this, we offer both seminars and individual training courses. The seminars teach the basics of successful work and measurement with WENZEL software WM | Quartis, WM | PointMaster, WM | DesCAD and all of our other software solutions.

These individual training sessions are held specifically for your company. Our experts are able to coordinate the training you require. The content of the training is tailored to your specific needs and work pieces. All of our available training can take place online with your WENZEL expert or at your site. If you are interested in getting training on Quartis, online, or at your facility, be sure to reach out to us today. We look forward to assisting you with all of your training needs.

WM | Quartis


A stand-alone course designed for entry-level operators to learn the fundamentals of the OpenDMIS software. A hands-on approach is taken to guide attendees through inspection program creation: from calibration to reporting. All students are provided a USB drive with standard reference materials, as well as their work created during the week.

  • Classes are broken up by controller/probing type, modifications may be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Computer proficiency (MS-O, Explorer navigation, etc.), blueprint reading skills, and basic GD&T understanding are recommended prerequisites, but not required for class attendance.
  • All attendees will receive a brief overview and introduction quiz prior to arrival. The completion of this is entirely voluntary, however a timely response will enable an increasingly tailored classroom experience for enrolled students.

The recent update to our Basic OpenDMIS classes has refocused to a hands-on approach to CMM programming both in an offline and online environment. Operators will follow along with the instructor as they calibrate probes, set alignments, inspect features, and report their findings. The goal of this class is for you to return to your own CMM armed with the tools to create basic CNC inspection programs for your own parts. The attendees will use 6-10 print-based exercises to reinforce the basics of programming, and take their written solutions files home with them at the end of class along with OpenDMIS how-to guides, UCC server guides, and other class materials.

Service Training

WENZEL service training enables your employees to get help with machinery faults by themselves. This is enhanced due to the modular design of our coordinate measuring machines. Often only a few simple steps are required to bring the system back to work. If the operator is unable to repair the fault, he will at least be able to analyze the exact cause to support our service technicians. Thus, downtime is reduced and working time and costs saved.

This training is usually tailored to the specific machines in your facility and tailored to your specific needs. Therefore the content and outline is created with you by our service manager so that you receive the maximum benefit.

If you are interested in getting training when it comes to servicing your CMM, whether it is at our facility or at your facility, please contact us today!

Service Training

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