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CMM Gear Metrology & Inspection

To meet the high accuracy requirements in gear measuring technology precisely, easily and quickly, the gear measuring devices of the new GT series from WENZEL have been designed. The GT series is characterized by excellent working ergonomics, simple operation and extensive measuring and analysis options. Our new GT series is based on our successful tradition in the development and production of specialized gear measuring machines. Our company has improved many, decisive details in the new development. The new GT series works with our standard controller WPC and is used with a completely new software from WENZEL. With the GT series, we set new standards where gear measuring technology and traditional measuring technology work together: tactile and optical!

In addition all measuring machines of the LH series can be configured with an additional integrated rotary table. This enables both the precise 4-axis measurement of rotationally symmetrical components and the reliable measurement of the entire spectrum of prismatic components.

GT 300

GT Series 300

The GT 300 was especially developed for the measurement and analysis of smaller gears and rotational symmetrical parts from the automotive industry. Optionally the GT 300 can be equipped with a tailstock for measurements between centers.

GT 450

GT Series 450

The GT 450 gear measuring machine is typically used in the aerospace, automotive and their supplier industries. It allows the precise analysis of gears and rotationally symmetrical parts up to a diameter of 450 mm.

GT 650

GT Series 650

Due to the maximum measurable diameter of 650 mm, the GT 650 is especially well suitable for the analysis of geared parts and shafts used in commercial vehicles, rail transmissions or construction and agricultural machinery.

GT 900

GT Series 900

Whenever engine components for aviation or smaller marine gear units need to be measured, GT 900 is the ideal gear measuring machine. It is equipped with a movable tailstock—allowing this machine to be loaded easily.

GT 1200

GT Series 1200

Components for large scale machines from the field of machinery and plant engineering need a suitable gear measuring machine. The GT 1200 is the largest measuring machine of the series, making an easy loading of heavy parts possible.

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