LHF Gantry CMM


A traveling Bridge CMM designed specifically for the most challenging work pieces. Ideal for inspection of maritime powertrain, aerospace frames and landing gear.

The LHF Gantry CMM for Precise Work

Our LHF CMM provides a massive measuring envelope for inspection of large, precise work pieces. Machines up to 12 meters in length have been delivered to customers through the world, bringing the intrinsic accuracy of granite guideways to the larger end of the CMM spectrum. This makes for a versatile, stable, accurate platform for your large work piece inspection.

Applications for the LHF include CMM inspection of maritime powertrain, aerospace frames and landing gear. The simple addition of a high capacity rotary table makes the LHF ideal for large rotating parts as well, such as gears and turbine components.

Features/Benefits of the LHF

  • Large measuring envelope allows staging multiple work pieces to maximize throughput.
  • Renishaw Probing Systems let you add sensor technology as your needs change and grow.
  • Powerful software tools allow you to turn your results into highly visual and dynamic reports including; rich graphical plots, CAD overlays and SPC for process control.
  • A robust combination of a high accuracy granite structure, massive coordinate measuring volume, and world class sensor technology to meet the demands of large part manufacturing.

Our philosophy when it comes a Coordinate Measuring Machine is to eliminate as many avenues of inaccuracy as possible before any measuring happens. Because we start with the intrinsic-accuracy of granite in each piece of metrology equipment we manufacture, each CMM has high accuracy built in. Starting with the most mechanically accurate structure for coordinate measuring means less error mapping to compensate for less than ideal materials.

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