The Coordinate Measuring Machine or CMM has been the cornerstone of Wenzel’s Metrology business for more than 4 decades.

The Wenzel range is one of the most complete in the world and includes Bridge, Gantry, and horizontal arm CMM systems. Learn more about our granite story here.

Wenzel has integrated the complete range of Renishaw Probe heads, including REVO, PH20, PHS, and PH10 and all of the Renishaw Probes, accessories and tool changers. We also offer the best prices on Renishaw Probes and styli in the country.

We offer choices of CMM Software to suit your CMM inspection needs and also software for point cloud management and reverse engineering.

Wenzel America also offers a comprehensive range of CMM Aftermarket Services, including CMM Retrofits, CMM Service and Calibration, CMM Inspection Services, and we always carry a large Used CMM Inventory.

The Coordinate Measuring Machine range is part of Wenzel’s wide range of metrology equipment, which includes one of the largest ranges of CMM machines in the world. See our entire Product Range here.


Whether you are interested in new or used CMMs,  High Speed Optical Scanning, Software, Sensors,
Computed Tomography, Applications, or any other metrological problem, we are at your service.

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