Computed Tomography – Inspection Services

When choosing a CT services partner, you want three things, confidence in the data provided from your part, speed of data delivery so you can make timely decisions and value for your investment with that partner. Wenzel CT Inspection Services meets all three of these criteria. Wenzel manufactures our own CT machines and puts our family name on each one. Our history of being a metrology solutions provider has instilled in us the flexibility and the sense of urgency that a partner has to have in providing timely results. Wenzel has the experience of dealing with a wide variety of applications and the ability to help evaluate your parts to provide meaningful and insightful analysis.

Services available

  • 2D & 3D metrology on your parts
  • Measurement to your part’s GD&T plan
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Assembly checks
  • Defect analysis
  • CMM measurement services
  • Laser scanning measurement services
  • High speed optical measurement services
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Cases Studies

A material analysis (porosity), a dimensional check and a complete nominal-to-actual comparison.

The electrical failure of a lithium ion accumulator was the basis for this study.

Dimensional analysis in plastics technology.

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Looking for the exaCT U? Here’s a sneak peak.

The exaCT U can be used universally and is designed in such a way that each customer can tailor his individual system with the appropriate X-ray source and detector. Sources of 135 – 450 kV and services for all requirements are configurable in the mobile variant of the machine. Radiation sources whose performance would not make sense in a transportable CT system are offered as stationary systems based on the basic device and they achieve unprecedented power and flexibility. Due to its very large measuring volume of 700 mm in height and 300 mm in diameter, the exaCT U allows the measurement and testing of large components with higher densities.