A Foot In Each World

Learning by association

colorful connected graphicAs time goes on, we are faced with new tasks that requires us to learn and adapt to new situations. In  my case, it’s learning a new software. However, I know I have limited room in my brain and I really don’t want to start dumping certain facts and childhood memories in order to learn more numbers and figures. This is why I’ve realized I have to start associating another metrology software I’ve learned in the past with the new one that I will be learning. This will not only assure that I retain both in my mind, but it will make the learning experience easier and more fluid.

colorful sticky notesThis is especially true when one is older. Take my transition from one country to another, though. I was ten years old and I already had three years of English under my belt. Still, I remember myself saying “I don’t understand” quite a number of times the first couple of months I was in the US. Granted, the brain is like a sponge at that age and I had no trouble transitioning from one culture to another.

Nevertheless, there are a myriad of things I still remember from my first ten years in Argentina, and I believe it is important to never forget. My culture is in two different countries now. I still speak Spanish with my immediate family and we eat much of the same foods as we did when I was a kid (like empanadas and milanesa). This helps me be diverse in the foods that I eat and also allows my vocabulary to be more expansive due to the number of words I know and associate with one another.

Should you want to read up on how we as humans learn, check out this and this article that explains the science of learning. There is much more that goes on when new neural connections need to be made in the brain.

At Wenzel America, we are ready to help you make your brain fluid too! We have great trainers who will not only teach you about software but help apply real-world applications to your department. At the time of this writing, I have two students who have had a gear inspection machine for many years and have had some self-taught experiences over time. However, I’ve instructed them to bring some of their actual parts to the training and I am starting from scratch as if it were the first time they are seeing the machine. This is to make sure I cover all of my bases and adapt the training to their needs.

OpenDMIS 6.9We don’t just train gear software, though. We know we can measure all of your parts because we are experienced with OpenDMIS, WM Quartis, PointMaster, and DesCAD3D. We have machine that can inspect your parts with tactile, optical, and CT technology.

Are you just getting started with metrology? We have you covered there as well. We are also AUKOM certified which provides an up-to-date, comparable, controllable, comprehensive, and certifiable training program regarding industrial production metrology, particularly in the area of coordinate metrology.

No matter which direction you’re heading, Wenzel America is ready to help you learn how to measure your parts but, more importantly, how to measure your parts RIGHT and #morepartsfaster. If you’d like to start learning even more now, contact me here, or you can even follow me on Twitter @GearMarks! As always, don’t forget to visit our website as well at www.wenzelamerica.com. Happy measuring!