Alex Aull – PQP Manager


Wenzel America Operations Manager Alex Aull just got promoted to a new role as PQP Manager.  Here he introduces us to what PQP means in his own words:

Alex Aull
Alex Aull. PQP Manager Wenzel America

After saying “Congratulations” the next thing people ask me is “What exactly does PQP stand for?”

PQP – Partner Qualification Program or Wenzel After Sales Service Partner certification.

PQP Logo

This program was creating by the Wenzel Service Group in Germany in 2016 for all Wenzel subsidiaries around the World. By end of 2016 we, Wenzel America got certified in 10 different categories (below are a sample of these categories).

  • Qualification
  • Tools & standards
  • Technical requirements
  • Sales/Marketing

The program is binding for all partners of Wenzel that want to sell and service products in Sales/After Sales Service. The participation and successful evaluation are requirement for delivery of the certificate, which records the qualification and authorization as a Wenzel Certified Partner. PQP

Certificate Borbolla

Here is where my new role will come in. We want to bring this program to our partners here in North America to help them to sell and service our products and also assure that the Wenzel branding is in the right hands. I want to help and teach our partners so they’re successful in the market.

I want to talk a little bit how we should select and what responsible we have to our partners. There’s a lot positive and negative out there.

Positive “It’s understood that in a partnership, each side has own vested interests. Good partnerships are transparent about those interests and are built upon the understanding that the success of one partner contributes to the success of the other.”

Negative “one-sided relationships”, “partnership that go just one way”

We here at Wenzel treat our partners like family and with our company values.



Selecting Partners

  1. Are they ready? (do they have the resources to invest in the partnership?)
  2. Are they able? (is there a technical fit? a competence fit?)
  3. Do we have similar values? (is there a culture fit?)


  1. What is your unique value proposition to the customer?
  2. What is important in a partnership?
  3. What are you struggling with?
  4. Who are your best customers?

Setting Goals and Outlining Commitment

  1. What is the partner going to do?
  2. What are you going to do?
  3. Are the commitments realistic?
  4. Do we have everything to deliver them?


  1. If you don’t put it in, you don’t get it out
  2. The partners need to be experts in our products

Evolving the Partner Program

  1. Even if things are working, there is always room for perfection
  2. Valuable ideas can come from partner feedback


You all know the Maytag factory trained and certified Service guy. He is local and could be with you in 24 hours and this is what we want for our customer with our factory trained and certified partners.

Protect your Wenzel investment and maximize your productivity by utilizing locally available Wenzel factory–certified professional partners to keep your machine in the best possible condition.

So, I’m very excited to really start my new role and work with our existing partners and future partners. I will you let know in different Blogs how my journey goes.


Alex Aull.   PQP Manager Wenzel America.