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developementDevelopment. A concept crucial to the success of individuals and companies alike. Personal development is something we should all be striving for as we go through life.

Schooling, training, job opportunities, travel, the list goes on and on. As a company that is committed to the future, Wenzel has teams all over the globe whose sole purpose is cutting edge product development.

As you may know by now, we have recently released new versions for both of our Metrology software, OpenDMIS 6.5 and Quartis R15.

Both these releases have added important new functionality, and robustness to the previously available products. One of the crucial benefits to you, the customer, when considering a company like Wenzel – is our ability and willingness to listen to customer feedback and apply it to our software.

WenzelOne example of our short development chain involves a customer who had experienced a problem scanning parts with a PH-6 (which isn’t typically used in scanning applications) due to limited software function and support for that specific probe type.

With a few emails to the development team, we were able to ensure that full PH-6 support was included in the next software release – only taking a few short months to complete.

Occasionally we are able to provide patch updates (depending on software and issue) even quicker. This kind of ability to affect change for our customers is generally unheard of in the industry.

The development cycle, while unique to each software, has been designed with the customer and their requirements in mind. So what are some of the improvements?Quartis

An update for both software is the increased support and compatibility for very large CAD files using an optional 64 bit version of the software.

The Quartis R15 CAD Interface has also been updated to support:

– Inventor (V11 to 2017)
– Parasolid (10 to 29)
– Solid Edge (18 to ST9)
– SolidWorks (2003 to 2016) – 2015 and higher only available in Metrosoft QUARTIS (64-Bit)

The update to Quartis R15 has added support for peripherals such as the FARO arm, a CNC rotary table, and the Renishaw PH10-iQ, as well as a unified ribbon interface for the construction of elements – even giving a live preview in the graphics area.

For the exhaustive list of updates to R15, visit –

OpenDMIS 6.5 has added some enhancements such as Point Cloud Inspection (written about here by Patrick L. additional support for Dual Arm machines, many productivity enhancements (DRF tolerancing, Euler angles, feature/datuming tools, and debugging tools) and the capability for Group Point Measurement.


Group Point Measurement, is a unique function that allows for a more efficient communication between the Software and Controller. Points can be processed in large batches, rather than individually, which can dramatically decrease cycle time.

Group Point Measurement can be applied to 2 or more points, can be used with 5-axis measurement on REVO, or PH20 and supports all program search functions. For more information, or a copy of the OpenDMIS 6.5 release notes.

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Stuart Nichols
Applications Manager
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