Did you miss our One-of-a-Kind Metrology Event?


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Here’s a recap and video overview of everything that happened

Attendees at our recent open house had a behind the scenes look at how seven metrology measuring machine and CMM inspection methods fit their manufacturing needs. Also on hand were representatives from Automation Alley, Southeast Michigan’s technology business association and business accelerator and Fisher/ Unitech, the leading distributor of Stratasys 3D printers.

What happens when you take a single, specially created, 3D-printed part and measure it with each of the seven major metrology technologies now available?

Everyone at our Metrology Matters Live! Open House event last month discovered exactly that.

The 3D-printed part, co-created by engineers from Wenzel and Fisher/Unitech’s 3D printing experts, was tested using touch trigger CMM, tactile scanning CMM, 5 Axis Scanning CMM, white Light Inspection, Laser Scanning, High Speed Scanning and CT Inspection.

“The part was designed specifically to show the strengths and weaknesses of each metrology technology type,” Andy Woodward, Wenzel America President said. “Our purpose is to help guide the customer towar d the technology that is going to best help their manufacturing processes.”

The finished inspection reports were made available in hardcopy for all attendees. We’ll also be publishing the full tech overview and individual reports along with videos of each metrology machine and measuring technology over the coming months for anyone not able to make the open house in person. Get on our list and don’t miss out.

People at the live event witnessed a very special demonstration area showcasing each of the metrology measuring machines running an inspection on the exact same 3D-print ed part.

We’re pretty sure no other metrology company has ever done this type of side-by-side comparison of metrology machines and technologies.

“We created a special technology scorecard as part of the event,” Drew Shemenski, Wenzel America’s Regional Sales Manager, told us. “This allows customers not only to discover what is the best metrology tool, but what is the best tool for them and their specific application.”

Along with the live demonstration of the metrology and CMM inspection results, manufacturers were also able to learn more about the latest 3D printing technology available from the leading Stratasys dealer, Fisher/ Unitech. They showcased the Stratasys Objet Connex, the printer they used to print the unique part for the event and the uPrint SE, a smaller 3D printer.

Also on hand were Automation Alley, Michigan’s largest technology business association that connects government, business and education to drive the growth of Southeast Michigan’s economy. Attendees learned about the value of this 1,000-member networking resource and the nearly half a billion dollars in international contracts it has brought to the region since its 1999 inception.

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