Gear Metrology – TGear and Splines


So usually when customers say splines they are referring to the regular INVOLUTE spline and this tooth shape doesn’t require any extra modules to measure them since it is simply measured with TGear. When taking about these particular splines we are talking about the tooth profile, of course.

If they have a SQUARE spline or SERRATED spline (straight-sided teeth), then they’ll need TSpline to measure their parts.

Any other tooth shape that isn’t any of the above three mentioned they will need X and Y coordinates of their special tooth shape so that they can input them in TGear. Specifically, this is taken care of with the latest AGMA 2015 standard directly in TGear and is called “designer profile”. This option is included standard in new machines that are shipped but older machines might need and upgrade.

Google “involute gear shape” for a better idea of the shape. Please contact us here for more info on TGear and your splines..

involute gear shape