Irish Inventions

On St Patrick's Day we look at Irish Inventions


John Philip Holland

On St Patrick’s Day we look at Irish Inventions.

Did you know that an Irishman, John Philip Holland, invented the first Submarine in 1878? After he emigrated to Boston in 1872 and winning three design competitions, Holland sold his first submarine to the US Naval Department.  

Louis Brennan was a creative mechanical engineer and Irish inventor who created an early version of the helicopter and shortly followed the helicopter by an early prototype of the ejection seat which become a standard installation to all Royal Airforce aircraft in 1946.

But the one thing I think most Americans would be thankful for would be bacon as we know it today! Henry Denny patented several bacon-curing techniques, completely re-inventing the process of how to cure bacon. Denny decided to use long flat pieces of meat instead of chunks and substituted the brine for dry salt. It was ingenious but simple.

The Brennan Helicopter

  • Color photography
  • The armored tank
  • Guided missile
  • The ejection seat
  • The Binaural stethoscope
  • The Syringe
  • Induction coil
  • World first duty free airport shop!

The list of interesting inventions stretches from the well-known whiskey in the 14th century to introducing drinking chocolate in 1680 and the original salt and vinegar chips in 1950. Till this day one of my favorite memories is drinking hot chocolate on a chilly winter afternoon, walking through the coble stone streets of Altstadt Heidelberg in Germany, never even knowing it was thanks to the wonderful Irish.  You can probably also think of an item you have bought at an airport duty free shop?  How boring would airports be without them?

“Whatever is made, must be measured”. – Dr. Heike Wenzel. 

Over the past 51 years, WENZEL’s coordinate measuring machines and metrology equipment have been used in nearly every manufacturing industry, including aerospace, automotive and medical applications.  This was all thanks to Herr Werner Wenzel who took his business idea of “precision measuring and testing instruments” and making it a reality. 

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