Keeping Up With 3D Printing’s RAPID Rise in Manufacturing

Rapid Exhibits

There is nothing quite like buzz and excitement about the future of how we make things that 3D printing and additive manufacturing bring to every manufacturing-related industry. And there is no other event that showcases every aspect of this new 3D world like SME’s RAPID show being held this May in Long Beach, California.

As a metrology company, the aspect of the 3D printing and additive manufacturing we are most excited about is 3D Imaging and 3D Scanning. Even as this “disruptive” technology is challenging everything we know in manufacturing, it’s Achilles heel could be metrology and measurement technology that can keep pace. You can’t make what you can’t measure.

If you’re going to keep up in additive & 3D, RAPID is the only game in town

Truthfully, SME’s RAPID show pretty much made the game and for us, attending the RAPID 2015 event is not optional. Our manufacturing world is changing so fast if you blink you’ve missed it.

We believe unless you’re a step ahead, you’ve fallen behind.

Manufacturers who go to the RAPID events see what’s coming, maintain their competitive advantages and don’t have to wonder, “What just happened!?!”

RAPID is known worldwide as the preeminent event for 3D printing, scanning, and additive manufacturing. This is their 25th anniversary as the ultimate authority in in the space and they promise the most comprehensive display of 3D technology, expertise, and innovation ever showcased in one place.

Including a series of Technology Briefings as part of the main show, with two hosted by our own resident 3D imaging and scanning expert.

If 3D printing is the Wild West, 3D scanning is the Law & Order

And, after this show, you might also say there’s a new sheriff in town. For the 8th show in a row, Giles Gaskell has been asked to present the Technology Briefing on 3D Scanning and Imaging. He’ll also be doing a Fundamentals of 3D Scanning and Imaging Workshop at the Monday morning kick-off sessions.

His brand-agnostic 3D imaging tech talk blows the lid off the Wild West atmosphere we often see in disruptive technologies like 3D printing. The information you’ll learn will help you avoid paying for technology you don’t need, while maintaining the quality level and precision you do.

He’ll cover the same content both days including an introductory overview of the current scanning technologies available from RAPID exhibitors along with a high-level look at reverse engineering, analysis, and inspection that only 3D imaging makes possible.

The first 3D Imaging and Scanning Technology briefing will be a Tuesday session from 2:30pm – 3:30pm and Wednesday’s session runs from 10:30am – 11:30am. Both talks are free to all RAPID ticket holders and take place on the main show floor.

He’s been into 3D scanning & imaging since before it was a “thing”

Asour Applications and Sales Manager for 3D Imaging and 3D Scanning since 2010, Giles Gaskell ensures we don’t just keep up with the pace of 3D imaging, but we set the standard.

A few months ago he wrote a primer Fundamentals of 3D Scanning and Imaging, a three-part series for our metrology blog.

Giles Gaskell

He’d never tell you himself, but he’s been into the 3D scanning “thing” almost since before it was a “thing”, founding the UK’s first distributor of hand-held 3D scanners back in the 90s.

He also happens to be a long-time advisor to the RAPID showon 3D imaging and scanning technology as a whole, and maintains a comprehensive knowledge of all 3D scanning and imaging machines in the field – regardless of brand.

As for other reasons why you should attend and what you could learn, for this one we went straight to the source – From the official RAPID 2015 event website:

Make side-by-side comparisons of the latest 3D technology & products

The level of cutting-edge 3D innovation at RAPID is unparalleled, as well as the breadth and depth of additive expertise across all industries. This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the newest 3D products and do a side-by-side comparison with other products to find your best fit. This is your event to explore the unlimited possibilities of how 3D technology can advance your business.

Manufacturers looking for a competitive advantage? Look no further

For manufacturers looking for their next best competitive advantage, RAPID 2015 takes the thrill of the hunt to a whole new level. The world-renowned RAPID event is the culmination of 25 years of expertise in creating the largest, most exciting additive manufacturing event in North America.

The RAPID Exposition is a visual, creativity-inspiring, hands-on learning playground. Nowhere will you find such a comprehensive display of 3D technology, expertise and innovation in one place. It will include OEMs, service bureaus, and related technology consultants and partners – the vendors your business needs to advance in the additive manufacturing industry.

Why attend RAPID 2015?

Attendees can visit the RAPID event to research and source the latest equipment, materials and services in additive manufacturing/3D printing and 3D scanning.

More questions about the 25thAnnual RAPID Show

You can visit the RAPID website directly to get tickets and get the full details on the keynotes and conferences.

The RAPID 3D Imaging/3D Scanning Tech Briefings will be presented on the show floor Tuesday, May 19th from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm and Wednesday, May 20th from 10:30 am – 11:30 am. Both briefings will have the same content and are free to RAPID attendees, although the knowledge you get from Giles’ talk just might pay for your whole trip to the show.

We’ll see you there.