Meshing isn’t just for gears


My relationships with our customers is something I really enjoy about my work. As a family-owned company, I appreciate the sense of community I see all around the industry.

selection of gearsAlso, since Wenzel America will have our first stand-alone booth at the Gear Expo this year, I thought it would be great to have some interesting, yet different parts to take with me. For this, I contacted some of our current customers that already have our GMMs to inspect their parts and I asked them if they had any unique parts they could share with me.

And I’m very glad I asked.

Matt at Oerlikon – Fairfield was kind enough to give me a couple of different bevel gears (and they’re even a set!) along with the manufacturing prints so that I can program them in my demo machine. Since these are production parts, I will be able to analyze real-world deviations. This provides that much more of a learning experience for my students and I when discussing possible errors shown by the inspection reports.

Sam at Delta Gear is another great Metrologist I appreciate. He was able togears provide me with a helical gear that I’ve used as part of my trainings many times. The same applies to a hob and a shaper cutter I got from Scott at Liebherr Gear Technologies. Did I mention all of these parts were given to me at no cost?

Last but not least, our customer in Illinois makes racks for the medical, defense, and oil industries, among others, so you can imagine the different sizes, modules, and materials they use. Well, I got a taste of that. They were able to send me four different racks to keep. In return, I will be sending them the inspection reports for these so they can have an independent verification of the quality of their parts.

This is the rapport that I appreciate because this customer trusts that I will deliver on my promise of helping them out. Of course, I very much intend to scratch their back! In this sense, we both benefit from this interchange because we both gain something we didn’t have before.

cartoon image of gearsTo all of our customers, who make every day of my job interesting, thank you! Thank you for trusting me with your products, giving me incentive, and providing me with your expertise. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Perhaps you have some interesting parts you can share with me that I can inspect for you. If so, contact me here or check out our website. Let me also prove to you in person that our WGT series is versatile enough to measure all of your unique parts! Come see me at the Gear Expo in booth #206 on Oct. 24th – 26th and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @GearMarks!