Microsoft Partnership


WENZEL Metromec the producer of the WENZEL flagship software WM | Quartis was awarded as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partnership for DevOps competence in June 2019. Every year, Microsoft honors only few companies with Gold Partner status for certain competencies.

DevOps stands for a new approach in the collaboration of previously separate departments. Development (software development) and operations (IT operations) pull together to increase software quality and availability, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

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This process improvement approach enables continuous delivery of applications and solutions to customers. Through automation, the DevOps method enables faster cycles to meet new business demands. Development and operation come closer together and coordinate their work for the benefit of the customer. Investments in practices that increase throughput and stability, improve IT performance.

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WENZEL Metromec has been successfully in developing software solutions for coordinate metrology for more than 40 years. For several years, the leading product WM | Quartis has been developed according to the principles and practices of Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery. The frequent, automated build and testing of the product promotes the efficient implementation of customer requirements while ensuring the high-quality standards of WM | Quartis.

Based on the practical experience at WENZEL Metromec, it is a logical step to also document the existing competence formally with a successful certification as a Microsoft Gold Partner.

DevOps advantages at a glance

  • Acceleration of software development by increasing the level of automation, efficiency and agility.
  • Lower error rate for new releases, better product quality and more stable releases.
  • Market-oriented products
  • Faster resolution of problems
  • Improved collaboration and transparency
  • Long-term motivated and loyal employees