New Roles for 2019


The measurement equipment industry has many challenges going into 2019.  It needs to satisfy the increasing demand for high precision measurement technology generally and demand in specific sectors for Industry 4.0 integration, PMI, automation, shop floor measurement and coping with the  complex geometry from 5 axis machining and  3d printing.  Added to  all that; It isn’t’ good enough just to provide the equipment, the supplier companies need to  be able to help with the up-skilling of their customers’ workforces to enable them to make the most of their investments.

In response to this Wenzel America has re-organized and made some personnel changes to better equip us for the challenge; Here are the people involved in these changes.

Pat Lanthier. V.P. of Operations

pat lanthier

Patrick Lanthier has taken over a new position as V.P. of Operations for Wenzel America which means that all operations other than sales.  Pat comes to the role having worked in a number of positions of responsibility within Wenzel and elsewhere in the Metrology Industry.  This along with his prior experience as an officer in the Coast Guard will ensure that we are a well run ship.

Manfred Hock Service Manager

Manfred Hock
Manfred Hock

Manfred Hock has been promoted to the role of Service Manager responsible for installations, field service and calibrations.  Manfred originally joined WENZEL in Germany where he was factory trained as a service technician subsequently joining Wenzel America and rising to be the Senior Service Technician before his latest appointment.

Mariano Marks. Training Manager

mariano marks
Mariano Marks

The increasing demand for high accuracy metrology machines to support manufacturing production mean more demand for training. Congratulations to Mariano Marks on his promotion to Training Manager at Wenzel America. Mariano has anchored  technical sales efforts in support of the sale of gear machines in the past and delivered the Aukom Level 1,2,3 training. He will be coordinating and managing the application training for OpenDMIS, WM Quartis, MODUS, and AUKOM.

Stuart Nichols. Sales Manager and Project Manager

stuart nichols
Stuart Nichols

Once again the increasing demand for high precision measurement technology in specific sectors that are doing well has created a need for additions to the sales force particularly with an eye to project management.  Many of the machines that Wenzel sell are part of an overall solution that includes automation and are  integrated into the manufacturing environment.  Stuart Nichols has experience managing projects for Wenzel America as well as working as Applications Manager.

Steve Meek. Upper Mid-West Sales Manager

steve meek
Steve Meek

Steve Meek joins us as Sales Manager for the upper Mid-West region.  Steve has a background in metrology having worked in metrology sales for other companies in the Mid-West and is based out of our Wixom MI office.