Perfect Business Partnerships – When 1 Plus 1 Is More Than 2

History is full of examples of successful and synergistic partnerships — whether in business, science, sports, or entertainment — there are numerous examples of One + One equaling morethan Two.

In football, there was Joe Montana and Jerry Rice — two of the most talented individual players at their respective positions in the history of the NFL. Both are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, both broke and set many American football records.

But, working in partnership, they accomplished feats that neither may have ever done without the other.

If that is a legendary sports partnership, there are even more legendary business partnerships that forever changed the world — from Orville and Wilbur Wright to Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs and from Bill Gates and Paul Allen to Sergey Brin and Larry Page — our world today is the result of these famous partnerships.

Still others have names that have become synonymous with our everyday lives — Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett-Packard, Bausch & Lomb… and of course Ben and Jerry’s — all great examples of the broad and lasting impact a great partnership can have.

Partners, mergers, & an international family of measuring expertise

Over more than four decades in business, Wenzel has been fortunate to be teamed up with some fantastic companies, a number of whom — Metromec, Steintechnik, and Xspect Solutions — have become part of the Wenzel Group itself and are now an integral part of the fabric of our international family of metrology companies.

Other Wenzel partnerships, while not involving mergers or acquisitions, are no less important alliances that make both companies stronger and able to provide even more powerful solutions to our customers.

Renishaw and Wenzel –A Synergistic Metrology Partnership

One such partner, Renishaw, Plc., has been a vital part of our precision and accuracy since we made our first CMM over 30 years ago.

They have been, and are, a key partner in our growth and success with their world-class probing systems, positioning and motion control technology.

Like many of the earlier examples, our respective companies have visions, products, and technologies that complement each other and allow us to develop new products and services together that would not be possible without our collaborative relationship.

Cutting edge 5-axis probing meets rock-solid stability

An example is our early adoption of the Renishaw REVO 5-Axis Probing system. Pairing the REVO with the precision of Wenzel LH CMMs and our expertise as systems integrators allowed us to bring this technology to market quickly and successfully. We were able to rapidly introduce it to a wide range of customers.

By utilizing the Renishaw UCC controller we are able to provide a flexible, reliable platform for those of you that have mixed populations of coordinated measuring machines and metrology software systems. The open design of this controller also lets us leverage our network of third party service providers to give you a variety of choices for support and maintenance of your CMMs.

Our close relationship with Renishaw means we can also support any of your aftermarket needs faster and more economically as we leverage the infrastructure of the world’s largest styli manufacturer for all of your styli and probe systems.

More mergers means a bigger family of partners

Let’s not forget fixturing, Renishaw’s own growth has meant M & As for them as well. In 2012, their acquisition of R&R Sales added modular fixtures for CMMs to the Renishaw family of products.

For you this means because of the Wenzel America – Renishaw relationship we can now provide complete lifecycle solutions for your CMMs with the leading modular fixturing solutions for the metrology industry.

Real partnership is a two-way street

As with any partnership, to be truly long lasting it must go both ways.
In that regard, over the years, Wenzel has provided numerous systems to Renishaw for use in their demo centers and R&D labs around the world.

We also often provide systems to display the latest Renishaw technology at trade shows. In fact — you can see the debut of the Next Generation in REVO 5-axis scanning displayed on a Wenzel LHG at the upcoming Quality Show in Chicago October 27th – 29th.

What you really get with Wenzel America as your metrology partner

So, the truth is, when you choose us as your metrology partner you not only get Wenzel’s industry leading expertise in CMMs and integration – you become part of our longstanding successful collaboration with the industry leader in probing systems, motion control and fixturing – Renishaw. Which only begs the question, “What are you waiting for?”