WENZEL provides intelligent CMM software solutions for the numerous measurement applications.

Constant collaboration with users from various industries results in the development of extensive, while at the same intuitive to-use, software packages.

We offer a choice of CMM software depending on the application. We offer OpenDMISWM | Quartis, and MODUS from Renishaw. Our technical sales people will study your application and make the best offer solution for each situation. Looking for OpenDMIS or Quartis SMA information? Click here.

For point cloud applications (in combination with our Shapetracer Laser Scanner and our exaCT line of Computed Tomography machine) we offer our own solution for inspection and reverse engineering, PointMaster.

For Gear Inspection applications we offer TGear software. TGear has additional modules to measure any kind of gear, shafts and tools and can also output data to national and company specific standards.

For Styling Studio Solutions we offer DesCAD software from Wenzel. This software handles milling program generation and execution, measurement, laser scanning and CAD processing. Visit our styling solutions page for more details.


Whether you are interested in new or used CMMs,  High Speed Optical Scanning, Software, Sensors,
Computed Tomography, Applications, or any other metrological problem, we are at your service.

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