Remote Training

The last several months have strained resources and schedules for many companies, and we see adoption of remote working tools increasing across our entire customer base. Particularly, demand for remote training has soared.

Remote work is nothing new. Tools like Goto Meeting, Webex, Skype or Teams have been used for years to facilitate training, support, and other activities across a wide variety industries, including Metrology. The demand for remote training though, is particularly high.

Bite Sized Training

Different customers may demand remote training for different reasons, but overwhelmingly, one aspect that most have told us they value is the flexibility. Breaking the training into 4 hour blocks, allows out staff to accommodate the customer’s schedule. This is difficult to do during a week long class, whether at our office, or the customers site, but it is easy when we break that week down into a series of remote learning modules.

Mark Guest performing remote training for a customer.

Mark Guest provides remote training to a customer.

“Focusing each session on the four or five key points the customer needs to learn that day, has helped make this successful,” says Mark Guest, Product Support Coordinator. “Letting the customer practice the topics we cover, is also a benefit, giving time for the material sink in before the next session.”

Breaking the training down into these bite sized chunks, allows us to focus on customer priorities, provide “study time”, and adapt as schedules change. Ultimately, this modular and remote training, is meeting a need many customers didn’t know they had. It also is just one example of how our work has changed in just a few short months.

If you have training needs and would like to learn more about our remote capabilities, drop us a line HERE. We’d be happy to help.

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