The Industrial ER Doctors

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ER Doctor helping patient


In a Hospital ER Department, the Doctors, Nurses and Technicians have no idea at any time what they might be working on in an hour’s time. It could be a poisoned child, victims of a multiple car wreck, a shooting or a cardiac arrest. By the nature of their role there can be no predicting what they will be faced with and they stand ready with their skills and equipment to do the best they can.

CMM Builder, Wenzel, Introduces Integrated Computed Tomography Workstation Called “exaCT®”

It’s like that at The Wenzel CT Department in Wixom MI. The engineers and technicians do not know what they are going to be confronted with each day. Being at the heart of the Auto Industry there’s a good chance there will be an emergency with a safety critical assembly; an airbag, ignition switch, seat belt assembly, coil, sensor or control module that has failed and needs investigating.

CT Department scan

Like in a Hospital ER there will likely be only a phone call and minutes notice of what the problem will be but they can be sure of one thing, the job will be urgent and the customer will be expecting immediate attention.

Giles Gaskell – Manager, CT Systems & Services