The New Generation of Precision Coordinate Measuring Machines

The New Generation of Precision Coordinate Measuring Machines

Our LH Generation CMMs bring together perfect accuracy, innovative German- engineering, intelligent software and superior service to edge out the competition.


lh generation cmm

LH Generation CMM modular design secures your investment into the future.


High Res Scales & Intelligent Software guarantees precision measuring and data.


All Granite Components mean identical thermal behavior & unyielding accuracy.

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Whether your measuring tasks need the versatility of the LHG series or value and precision of the XO or XOplus coordinate measuring machines, the structure of any bridge-type coordinate measuring machine is made of thermally stable granite and coupled with the industry’s CMM styli.  For more information on exactly which LH Generation coordinate measuring machine and probe system best suits your measuring needs contact Wenzel America at 248.295.4300 or Contact us here. – Updated 31Jul17.