The Year in Review

The year in review 2022

2022 in review

The year always starts out slowly and when it picks up momentum before we know it, we share a Thanksgiving Dinner with friends and family and 2022 was no exception. In the past year, we have all shared similar struggles and challenges as the manufacturing world dealt with a host of obstacles, but we have also shared in some tremendous success and joy. 

Looking at the year in review, a few things stand out for WENZEL America. Customer support, collaboration, and flexibility were some of the keys to navigating the landscape of 2022. 

what we focused on

Supporting our customers when they need us most was an important goal for 2022. We know how important it is to our customers to meet their goals and to deliver on the promises they made to their customers.  

To accomplish this, we made sure we had more teams to install, service, and do timely calibrations. Our National Service Manager, Manny Hock, worked endlessly to meet every service and calibration need and went the extra mile for callouts where customers need help.  

Through our hotline, our on-call support team answered questions and guided customers through many challenges, no matter the topic. Whether hardware or software, our support team was able to help customers quickly resolve their issues and get back to measuring parts. We have learned that support goes hand in hand with training. When users are confident in their knowledge, they can work more efficiently, and tackle new challenges more effectively. That is why WENZEL offered regular training for the various software we support and sell. Our expert trainers were busy throughout the year giving customers valuable tailored classes to support their company’s metrology needs. 

Thanks to the supply chain calming down towards the third quarter, life is a little easier for all of us when it comes to delivery and installation. Lead times have come down, and our customers are enjoying earlier deliveries than last year, 2023 looks even better! As a vertically integrated company, customers can order from a wide variety of choices to best fit their facility and requirements, without the hassle of long-lead times one might associate with a custom-built solution. 

WENZEL’s tailored metrology solutions, alongside our renowned accuracy, ensure that customers can have the right machine for the job, every time.


The highlight of 2022 was without a doubt IMTS where we saw old friends and met new ones. We were excited to display our WENZEL CMMs in a few booths. In the East Hall we were featured in:  

  • Innovmetric with the XO 55 with PH10 measuring the latest in hand tools from Milwaukee Tool, The Cheater. 
  • Metrologic Group with the robust SF 87 CMM with REVO. 
  • Verisurf with our WM | Mobile Arm. 

Our own WENZEL booth featured our flagship LH 108 CMM with Revo as well as sporting the surface roughness probe programmed to run as one program. Our newly launched GT 450 with the most modern gear software also featured in Nidec Machine Tool America’s booth in the North Hall.  

IMTS 2022 booth staff

We were also excited about the first WENZEL Sales Conference in nearly three years that was held in Germany. Meeting up with all our colleagues and partners was like old times. It was announced that our popular Shopfloor Highspeed scanning machine has two options to serve various customer requirements. The CORE D will now be known as the CORE S with two options CORE S E and the CORE S LP. This makes highspeed scanning more accessible for all. 

WENZEL’s world-renowned software WM|Quartis has also received upgrades and enhancements, all to meet customer demand and to keep pace with the demands of modern manufacturing. 

New development projects, which are still in the concept stage, were also introduced and we are excited about the innovation WENZEL will be releasing. 

We had a good year. Enjoying great EXPOs, conventions, and Open Houses across the country. Meeting up with you at your offices, installing new machines in new customer facilities and servicing our loyal WENZEL family across Mexico, America, and Canada. When you invest in a WENZEL machine you get full access to our dedicated team that goes the extra mile every time.  

May you look back on the year with a content smile knowing you did everything you could to make 2022 the best year possible. 

IMTS 2022 bridge to the East Hall
Sales Conference in Germany, Oktoberfest staff party.
Dr. Prof. Heiko Wenzel presenting at IMTS on integrated metrology.
RAPID EXPO on additive manufacturing in Detroit 2022.
WENZEL machines assist our customers to ensure quality control.
Christmas dress up 2022