WENZEL America, ABLE Machine Tool Sales launch partnership

ABLE Partnership

A strongly aligned culture of tailoring solutions to customers’ needs guarantees incredible value for the region’s manufacturing industry.

WENZEL America and ABLE Machine Tool Sales are combining strengths to ensure accuracy and speed and, above all, top-quality precision across Northeast America.

ABLE Machine Tool Sales has been serving the New England region since 1987. Their variety of elite machine tools helps customers integrate the right tools into their shops to meet the growing demand for precise, cost-effective parts. Expanding their metrology offerings with WENZEL was a natural step in developing a complete line of high-accuracy, production-ready solutions. Since 1968 WENZEL has delivered tailored high-accuracy solutions to companies in aerospace, defense, and contract manufacturing that help enable efficient, and effective manufacturing.

Drew Shemenski, president of WENZEL America, is excited about the prospects, “We are extremely excited to partner with ABLE, a company who has a rich history of serving their customers with brands that enable productivity.

We feel the WENZEL portfolio fits well with ABLE’s. Our partnership is focused on providing accuracy, throughput, and value-added solutions.

Most importantly though, I think we share a common vision of enabling customer success through technology, collaboration, and energetic support, whether on the shop floor, in the metrology lab, or anywhere in between,” Shemenski says.

“These days, whether the customer is doing short or long production runs, or making small or large parts, precision and speed are essential,” says ABLE Machine Tool Sales CEO Alan Lockery. “The WENZEL line, with its array of high-quality CMMs, allows us to offer our customers a choice of metrology tools at reasonable costs for ensuring the exact quality standards they require.”

ABLE will hold their biannual Open House May 16-18, 2023, at their showroom in Agawam, MA, just two miles from where EASTEC will take place that same week. Save the date, you don’t want to miss it!

“Anyone interested should drop by and see the variety of machine tools under power, including WENZEL CMMs. WENZEL and ABLE’s engineers will be on hand to answer questions,” Lockery says.

For more information visit http://ablemts.com or contact 413.786.4662.