Wenzel America Attends the SME: RAPID Conference

Wenzel America Attends the SME: RAPID Conference

June 2014 – Wixom, Michigan

Wenzel America Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wenzel Group of Germany, will be attending the SME: RAPID Conference and Exposition at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan June 9th-12th. The company sells and supports the full range of Wenzel products including the range of industrial CT scanners produced by Wenzel Volumetrik.

Their exaCT 3D scanning line offers a full range of machines from low-cost, bench-top systems to very powerful models capable of scanning multi-material assemblies and aluminum castings.

In addition to selling the CT machines, Wenzel America offers CT scanning services. They offer a complimentary scan of any single part to first time users of this service that includes the scan and full data set report and consultation. At RAPID, Wenzel America will also be featuring a new measurement technology for the first time in North America: The Wenzel Phoenix II multi sensor CMM system.

The Phoenix II uniquely integrates a miniature Structured White Light scanner,  an Optical feature recognition system and a Scanning CMM probe coupled with the high accuracy Granite CMMs Wenzel is known for.

Users can create point clouds of complex surfaces and measure features such as deep holes and slots in the same program.  Sensors are changed using standard Renishaw interfaces and change racks allow accurate and repeatable measurements to be in the same coordinate system and therefore certifiable to ISO standards for production parts.

About Wenzel America

Wenzel America is a division of Wenzel Group GmbH & Co. KG, a 45-year-old, family-owned, world-leading manufacturer of metrology solutions. Wenzel America is a top supplier of both traditional CMMs, GMMs, and CT and non-contact 3D Scanning measuring machines to the North American aerospace, automotive and medical device markets For more information about Wenzel America contact President, Andy Woodward 248.295.4300 or email [email protected]