WENZEL EXPO NORTH AMERICA Brings Industry Insight To You


WENZEL EXPO NORTH AMERICA Brings Industry Insight To You

Wenzel America Online Expo

During this event we will not only showcase the latest products and solutions from WENZEL and our Technology Partners, but also lead discussions on the current state of our industry, and the challenges of educating the modern workforce.

“Trade shows like IMTS are about more than just looking at products,” says Drew Shemenski, President of WENZEL America. “Customers also use these shows for networking, meeting their vendors and customers, and for education. So with no trade shows on the horizon, we want to do our part to help fill that void for the industry, and provide some content that goes beyond product demonstrations.”

To that end, WENZEL EXPO NORTH AMERICA will feature panel discussions with leaders from around the Metrology Industry, sharing insight into the changing landscape of manufacturing, and how strong collaboration breeds strong solutions for customers.

The EXPO will also feature live training sessions of AUKOM, a quality-focused curriculum that helps up-skill Quality and Manufacturing staff on Metrology topics.

AUKOM course structure
AUKOM Training Overview

The event will also feature discussions with educators on the challenges of training the modern manufacturing workforce.

“We have always been enthusiastic about working with educators. Whether its events like Manufacturing Day, or partnering with institutions to provide access and training to students related to metrology, we feel that actively working to support manufacturing education is an essential role for us as a part of the industry,” says Shemenski.

Wenzel MFG Day 2018-96
Teaching students about the mechanics of a CMM during MFGDAY

WENZEL EXPO NORTH AMERICA will also feature live software and product demonstrations, live training events, and Q&A with our experts on numerous topics. Don’t miss it!

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