Wenzel Shanghai Expansion Means One Thing – German-Engineered Precision for You


Wenzel Shanghai Expands Our Commitment to Precision & Value

wenzel factory shangai

In late 2013 Wenzel Group opened a new 50,000 square-foot production and assembly facility in Shanghai, replacing a facility one-third the size where we’d built the XOrbit (XO) CMM since 2005. It is the home of Wenzel Shanghai, a wholly owned and managed subsidiary of Wenzel Group.
The new, larger facility has allowed us to bring more operations in-house and produce more XOs with faster delivery times.

Over the last year and a half this has meant better and better service and higher quality products for all of our customers worldwide, but the most exciting development was just unveiled at our annual summit in February.

wenzel shanghai

Wenzel Shanghai is now producing a new range of CMMs called the XOplus. The XOplus CMMs bridge the technical and commercial gap between the German-built, premium-level LHG systems and the mid-level XO series. They will shortly be integrating production of the X-Cite entry-level product line as well.

Our goal is to provide Wenzel’s renowned precision at every level of customer need. With our rapidly expanding product line, the current Shanghai team of almost 100 people will soon be growing to keep up with demand in the coming years.

We know what you’re thinking…

Are Your Chinese-made CMMs reliable?

In a word – Absolutely.

So, Made in China? What does that mean? Does it matter anymore?

There are a lot of people that think it does. In some cases that may be true.

Yet, everyday, we all use, wear, and consume Chinese-made products.

Whether you’re using an iPhone, Android, PC or Mac – these high quality, precision-engineered devices were most likely made in China. Some are great and others, not so much.

samsung vs apple

Most of us would agree that Samsung and Apple produce some of the most advanced, high-quality electronics on the planet – all made in China.

We don’t question it, because those companies are committed to making products to a very high standard.

On the other hand, you can buy similar products (but not the same), even some with name brands from a discount retailer and the quality is pretty bad. Hence, the mixed feelings about what “Made in China” means.

With such stark quality differences, we understand your concern. It’s an even bigger concern when it comes to the precision and accuracy of expensive metrology machines. And that’s why we’re letting you know exactly how we build every Wenzel CMM.

Nobody wants to buy a commoditized machine built in a contract manufacturing facility where the company name on the product is simply a sticker slapped on the side.

So, how can you tell the difference?

Commitment to precision, accuracy & excellence

assembly in factory

As a family-owned company you’d expect us to be fully transparent about how and where our products are made – and we are – because we’re proud of the standards we uphold in every manufacturing facility on every continent.

The truth is, no matter where your products are made, the difference in quality comes from the integrity of the manufacturer and their commitment to making products to only the highest standard. Like Apple and Samsung compared to companies that slap a logo on outsourced goods and call it a day.


Putting the Wenzel family name on a CMM means our German-Engineered precision, made to our highest standards in our own production facility by our own employees.

When you buy an XO or Xcite you get a Wenzel-designed, Wenzel-built, Wenzel-precise, Wenzel-accurate, hand-lapped, granite CMM that calibrates and performs to certified metrological standards.

The fact is, the XO, XOplus, and Xcite machines allow you to afford the highest quality CMMs without sacrificing precision, reliability, or accuracy.

8 Things You’re Guaranteed with CMMs Proudly Made by Wenzel in Shanghai

    • A German-engineered measuring machine adhering to the Wenzel family’s legacy of precision metrology design principles.
    • A no-compromise CMM made from temperature-stable granite..

temperature stable granite

    • A CMM with hand-lapped, built-in intrinsic, uncompensated accuracy.
    • A measuring machine where even the small details, like the cable-chain assembly is done in-house.

cable chain assembly

    • A 100% Wenzel-made CMM produced at the wholly-owned subsidiary of Wenzel Group – Wenzel Shanghai.

wenzel location shanghai

  • A German management team closely supervising each process to ensure every CMM bearing the Wenzel name lives up to the legacy of precision and accuracy.
  • Access to the full range of Renishaw probe systems at the best value.
  • Wenzel America’s expertise, agility and flexibility in producing customer-specific variants of ideal CMM and sensor systems.

Popularity has its advantages – Get the CMM you need – fast

The XO CMMs have been one of our most popular lines in the U.S. for many years. Few, if any, CMMs come close to the value/size/accuracy balance XOrbit offers. And none have Wenzel’s guarantee of quality and accuracy.

Often, the overall value balance of the XO allows buyers to purchase more machines or systems at the same cost of a single premium machine, helping them expand operations and increase quality even faster. More North American manufacturers discover this every year when they buy their first XO machines from us.

The popularity of the XOrbit CMMs, and now the XOplus, also means these measuring machines move fast and we can hold the common sizes in stock in Michigan. This makes for drastically reduced delivery times and you can get your new CMM installed and productivity increased much quicker.

Our LHG CMMs, CORE, WGT, exaCT – Proudly made in Germany

lhg cmm

As with any company, different products lines require different levels of control and skill to manufacture. Germany is still the source of our highest-levels of precision and design, signature old-world craftsmanship, and hand lapping of the highest quality, black impala granite for our flagship LHG CMM series.

The premium LHG CMM series, the high-accuracy WGT gear testing machines, the CORE high speed non-contact systems and our range of scanners, including the exaCT line, continue to be produced by Wenzel Group at our manufacturing facility in Germany.

Precision Metrology Machines – Our #1 commitment

With the family name on every product and a legacy of engineering excellence and precision metrology, you can rest assured our commitment to that will always be true…On any continent.

More Information About Wenzel America

For more information about the new XOplus machines produced at Wenzel Shanghai check out therelated article about the XOplus specs and launch. To get all your questions answered about the XO, XOplus, Xcite CMMs and all Wenzel products and CMMs please call Wenzel at 248.295.4300.