Wenzel Taps the Potential of CT Laser Scanning in New Video Release


Recently Wenzel America, the North American arm of the precision German metrology company, held a unique live event at their Wixom, Michigan headquarters that compared the effectiveness of seven major metrology technologies.

Their newest video release highlights their exaCT ®series of industrial scanning CT machines. This is the fifth in a planned seven educational part series taken from the Metrology Matters Live event that shows the major metrology technologies best-suited applications.

September 2015 · Wixom, Michigan – In the latest edition of the Metrology Matters Live: 7-Systems Analysis video series, Wenzel America’s Applications Manager and laser scanning expert, Giles Gaskell takes a look at the untapped potential of non-contact industrial CT scanning for 3D printed part inspection.

This is the fifth installment in their ongoing series highlighting each of the metrology systems demonstrated and compared at their Metrology Matters Live event held over the summer.

Computed Tomography technology has been around since the 1970s, but its adoption in quality and inspection systems has been very slow compared to its potential uses and application.

“With other measuring technology you can only measure what you can see,” Gaskell explained. “That’s not the case with CT, you can see right down inside the part and around the back, all the way through.”

Wenzel’s newest 7-Systems video shows the versatility of their exaCT series of CT machines. Unlike ordinary CT systems, they are small enough to fit on a desk and do not require CT experts to operate. Because of it’s unique

measuring capabilities CT may be the perfect match to move additive manufacturing from where it is now to full production level quality.

“The true power of this technology is – if we go forward a couple of decades – it may be that all parts are measured this way,” Gaskell stated.

Accompanying the video, which can be viewed online at www.wenzelamerica.com/mmlive, is a 15-page 7-Systems Analysis Whitepaper that includes the Metrology Technical Scorecard within an at-a-glance comparison chart of all seven measuring technologies.

About Wenzel America

Wenzel America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wenzel Group GmbH & Co. KG, a 45-year-old, family-owned, global manufacturer of metrology equipment. Wenzel America is a leading North American supplier of traditional CMMs, GMMs, CT and non-contact 3D Scanning measuring machines to aerospace, automotive, tool and die, and medical device markets. For more information about Wenzel America contact Wenzel America at 248.295.4300 or email [email protected].

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