What Human Trait is Most Valuable to the Future of Manufacturing?


Raise your hand if you have the exact job, doing the exact thing, you imagined you would be doing as a child?

Is your hand up? No? Yes?

Ok, if it is, now keep it raised:

  • If you live exactly where you thought you would as a kid?
  • How about your car? Is it the car you always said you’d have?
  • How about your family? Did you marry your childhood sweetheart?

Hmm. I don’t see anyone with their hand still raised.

Now, hopefully that little exercise didn’t fill you with too much regret. That’s definitely not my point. My point is, despite all those differences between our plans and our actual outcomes, we did okay.

In fact, we may even have thrived.

But how can that be?

Maybe it’s because – Just because plans change, that doesn’t mean we’ve failed.

After all, it’s not always obstacles or failures that change our plans.

Sometimes plans change because of opportunities.

Opportunities that lead to:

  • New Ideas.
  • New careers.
  • New experiences.
  • New products.

I’m sure there are lots of people smarter than me that have more scholarly explanations for this, but I think it all boils down to one very valuable human trait – Flexibility.


Flexibility lets us tackle unexpected challenges, explore new opportunities and follow new passions we never imagined we’d have.

Translated to the world of work this may mean starting new business ventures, finding new clients in unlikely places or facing a change in the market that requires a new and more agile approach.

  • Flexibility of thought and action lets us navigate these changes smoothly.
  • Flexibility lets us move forward – by moving sideways – or even backing up.
  • Flexibility helps us find growth in a down market by focusing on our core competencies.
  • Flexibility helps us reimagine our products and services to take advantage of new trends and new innovations.

Flexibility is a core value at Wenzel America.

Flexibility drives what we do everyday, not only with our products, but with our services as well.
We help our customers maximize their capital resources by helping them be flexible too, so they can adapt to a changing work environment and always be prepared for new market demands and innovations.

Whether you need to mix and match software and hardware solutions or find the best CMM service partner for your calibration and maintenance – we will help you find the best tools, processes and people to fit your specific needs, now and down the road.

None of us know what the future holds for us personally and with the technological advances we’ve seen just since the start of this century, we certainly have no idea what the future holds for the workplace or our industries.

Seems like a good idea to partner with people and companies who’ve proven they’re flexible and able to help their customers handle the obstacles and opportunities that will inevitably come. That’s what we look for in partners and we think you should too.