Creating an Ideal Standard CMM Starts with the Ideal Customer Experience – The Villa Marburg


Precision Metrology & Ideal Customer Experience – It’s All in the Details

The Villa Marburg, Heigenbrücken, Germany

The Villa Marburg is a 5 Star hotel located in the small picturesque town of Heigenbrücken, Germany. Built in 1884 as an Inn for the local lumber industry, it is less than 5 km from the Wenzel factory.

The Wenzel family decided to purchase the hotel in 2002 to provide lodging and hospitality for customers, employees and other guests visiting the Wenzel Group’s world headquarters.

Located 45 minutes outside of Frankfurt, the Villa-Marburg has lodging for 80, boasts 3 restaurants, and a Villa-Marburg mapconference center which is used not only by the Wenzel Group, but also local companies and civic groups.

The luxury hotel also boasts the only golf simulator in the area, allowing guests a unique way to relax after a long day.

Creating the industry’s ideal CMM means the ideal customer experience too.

At first glance, it may seem odd that a precision manufacturing company would own a hotel, but when you take the Wenzel family’s dedication to creating the ideal standard in an otherwise commoditized industry it makes complete sense.

Operating the Villa-Marburg means the same attention to detail and care that goes into building Wenzel machines, goes into creating the total customer experience.

When a customer visits for training, demonstrations, or machine run-offs, we are assured the entire experience is absolutely ideal. The normal inconveniences of travel do not interfere with their work or create a less than ideal experience when they visit Wenzel’s World Headquarters.

“I know when a customer visits the factory, they will be taken care of,” says Drew Shemenski, Regional Sales Manager for Wenzel America.

Traveling is not always easy and can be quite tiresome, especially internationally. So it’s nice to know that we have colleagues creating an ideal environment to make their trip easy and help them in any way. It allows the guests to relax so they can focus on the job they came to do.”

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