Eliminate Delays With Wenzel’s Revolutionary 3D Scanning Services


Eliminate Delays With Wenzel’s Revolutionary 3D Scanning Services

exaCT-M_2How many times have you used a brand new tooling kit and still produced a component with imperfections?

Unless this has never happened to you, you could benefit from Wenzel’s 3d scanning services with PointMaster software!

The actual geometrical data of the produced components are first generated by Computer Tomography (CT). After measuring, the ‘CT voxel data’ is processed using the PointMaster software. The component data is analyzed and compared with the nominal CAD data. At a single glance, the shape variations can be seen on a topographical deviation map. In contrast to traditional measurement protocols, all deviations measured are shown in color, and the functional relationships can be described, analyzed and evaluated.



F. & G. Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG – a medium-sized, German, injection-molding company with its own tool and die making operations – was looking for a solution to mitigate time delays and subsequent losses in time and money. The Wenzel PointMaster software was a great solution to their problem because the flexibility allows tool designers a variety of corrective options to simulate molds.

Wenzel America is a proven industry leader; our customer service measures up and we live to solve the toughest measuring problems. We have a 45-year history of making metrology products and we apply our experience and “know-how” in everything we do. Invest in a new or used Wenzel 3D scanning services machine, and put us to the test!

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